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Merino’s Bahh

Hello fellow Earthlings. How are you people doing, still pushing each other to get in the lift first or may be fighting for/over  some piece of land! Well good for you, keep up the fight because you are clearly going to live forever.
Me!! umm not so, cos I know I will be going back to my home planet  Zazaburra soon, where no one is born and no one dies, we are just a planet full of small Glow worms spreading light through our bums and singing the bumbum glee songs.
bumbum glee bumbum glee
my bum is twinkling
oh can’t you see
oh can’t you see
why can’t you see
I am a bumbum glee……oh such a beautiful song
More about me and the song in some other post,some other day when it is not raining so much and I can think clearly without having spiders, snakes and zombies taking refuge under my bed and making all kinds of noise.
For today’s post I would like all of you to meet Merino, my new pet cartoon sheep. Why Cartoon, do you ask?
Well for one I live in this huge small building and that I know is no place to raise a real Sheep and second I heard Merino is a blogger. Tell me friends, is there anything better than a cartoon sheep who blogs!!!
And I admit ( with sheepish grin) having a pet minus the feeding, cleaning after, sounded so heavenly when I adopted Merino.
 You see I am not a potted plant kind of person. I have tried many a times but failed miserably every time to keep the plants green and/or alive. And one of my friends who works at the Hilbilitoopoo state something asylum told me Meds, Straitjackets and the padded white rooms are keeping me from loving plants and hence I should not be keeping a pet. And yet I found a pet to pamper in this huge small building, isn’t it incredible!
Me and Merino
Back to Merino, as I told you earlier, he is a blogger.
He named his blog ‘The Bleating Log’
( Merino somehow got this idea that BLOG is short for Bleating Log and nothing I said could convince him otherwise)
Today I am sharing one of his poems, hope you like the poem and encourage Merino to write more 🙂
~Unraveling at seams~
I  had a bad dream last night
I dreamt that I was beautiful
crimped and elastic staples
lovely Kemp, beautiful fleece
and then came those nasty things
nasty things called human beings
they reared me
they sheared me
and took all my wool away
now I look weird
now I look weird
Those clothes, those sweaters
they are all me
they are all me
and I want discount from Macy’s
Unraveling at seems

Unraveling at seams

~thank you
Copyright 2013@BleatingLog
and before I leave you wondering about twinkling bums picturing me and the awesomeness that will be, let me tell you Merino is a huge fan of Stuart Art. There is nothing STU can’t do, says Merino and here is what Stu had to say about Merino’s poem-

The Bleating Log

Met a leaping dog

On his way to herd

‘Creak’ said the log

For it had no mouth

And the dog simply barked

Which meant ‘Merde!’

It was a French dog.

~Stuart Young~

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Hehehe…..trying to imagine your bum all lit up Soma! And am never going to be able to wear my woollies again without thinking of poor, dear, unraveling Merino 😉

  2. Hey don’t be so sheepish Soma or my jumper will resemble a Shaun of the Dead, or a Shaun of the Sheep, either way I will be bleating nuts afterwards, oh I already am, sorry about that 🙂


    I hope that Zombie under your bed isn’t fiddling with anything Soma 😦 lmao Noooo not that, I was meaning his chains, yes one of the Zombies has escaped from a Frazzie Trap and we have been looking all over for him, if he has three cracked teeth, a smelly bottom and walks with a groaning limp then that is who has escaped.

    Treat him with caution or some other kind of treat if you like, but don’t let him out of your sight as he has a dreadful pong about him, something likened to camel breath soup with hyena laughing gas, in other words avoid at all costs 😦 Okay now that I have told you all about the stinker under your bed let me wish you a very happy Friday filled to the brim with kisses and hugs, pancakes, chocolate and anything else naughty that you can think of 😉 🙂 Oh and be good too, just like me 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Oh, loved this!! Love your humour, tongue in cheek, your message. This was fantastic 🙂

  4. Great work – both of you!

  5. And why not I say! Humans spread so many other things from their bums 😉

  6. A plant full of glow worms spreading light –

    “Hey, watch where you’re stepping, bud!”

    “No son, you can’t go play light-me-up with her. You’re too young.”

    “Late again! I suppose you spent all your money on that wench, Lighty Flight!”

    “Well, what do you think of my lightning rod?”
    “Its not how bright it is, its how well you use it 🙂 ”

    “I’m so sorry but these are his last flickers -”
    “Before -?”
    “Yes, his lights dim.”

    See what you did 🙂

    Love that lyric too 🙂

  7. That was a real cute one…Merino! 🙂
    Indeed nice to have a pet without having to feed and clean. I talk from experience. 🙂
    I loved the usage of “twinkling bums” and “huge small”. 😀 😀

  8. Saxonbeserker

    Oh my, awhile since Poppa John checked on mad Soma. Glowing bottoms? Indeed that would be a talking point in any asylum, well anywhere really. And Merinos, ahh these Australian fellows who have fine wool and drink lots of beer. They cannot play cricket at the moment tho!
    Still, I dare say a merino would be a fine roast with a dash of mint sauce, roast potato and a rich gravy.
    Now, a thought. Miss Glowybum takes said sheep for a walk around Delhi, they both recite poetry during the walk. Fellows are so amazed by the mad wisdom emanating from a beautiful woman with a glowing bum and her pet sheep, well they are put in charge of the whole world.
    Cricket is the new way to resolve conflict, poetry is the medium of communication and there are only old Bollywood movies on every TV.

    Let an old fellow dream, ah Soma my love you never cease to cheer me up. Long may you reign!


  9. soma star and stu bro …..
    when do u do these things – ?
    when u are another planet together >
    combine 2 hearts like yours and YOU GET MAGIC times a million xo 🙂 X C

  10. Cartoons and Stuart’s poem both are superb.:-)

  11. Hey Soma, it’s awesome to read such a hatke post and i enjoyed to the hilt. cheers

  12. :-), You got it right Soma, foolish earthling are really fighting as they will live forever. Merino’s blog is going to be a hit, my best wishes. Add few more lines to bumbum glee song its going to be a hit song. Love and hugs.

  13. I can just see the bum bum song going viral on the internet and as for the lyrics I hope they don’t infringe copyright of that well known hymn, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” As usual you had my intense interest all the way through.

  14. A lot of us probably don’t want to see you bum twinkling, so it’s good that we can’t see.

    I promise not to wear anything made from you, Merino! That way maybe you can keep your fur for yourself.

  15. I wanna see a video of you singing the bumbum glee song, Soma! I know you can do it! Oh, and the spiders under your bed? Not liking that at all and I hope I sleep well tonight, thank you very much! And Macy’s should be nice to Merino, for sure! Hehe! Loved the smiles, my friend! Hugs! xx

  16. well, I’ve got a pig, so there!

  17. I still can’t get over the ideas of a twinkling bum.

  18. The Bleating Log
    Met a leaping dog
    On his way to herd
    ‘Creak’ said the log
    For it had no mouth
    And the dog simply barked
    Which meant ‘Merde!’

    It was a French dog.


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