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My Fathers post on how He and my Mom survived cyclone hudhud.


Sub —— EYE   OF   STORM   —      CYCLONE   HUD HUD


Rajeev Gandhi Memorial on Beach road Rajeev Gandhi Memorial on Beach road

11th October    was    being celebrated   as     KARBA   CHAUTH     (a new element   to RENEW bonding between wife and husband being heavily   propagated   by   TV SERIAL   all over India).  Though there   was     a   threat of   CYCLONE   “ hud Hud”    over   Vizag, most   of us ignored   it   as,(  in    previous   occasions    of   such   alarm ) we had to cut a sorry figure   in narrating    our   absolutely “TROUBLE FREE “life    and  faced difficulty   in describing    a few   millimeter   rise of   WAVE in the   sea.

Our flat    is located on the second row of   apartments    from   beach road.

At  about   6 PM  , I   informed    my  anxious   son   and daughter     ( Mumbai   and   Delhi )  that   there  was  a clear  sky   with   visible  moon    for   Karba  chauth   calibration    .  They laughed    but    CAUTIONED     US    not to take things lightly  …

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  1. I have never seen such a devastating cyclone like HUDHUD in my life time. We planned to reach for rescue operations but could not and stopped in the mid way. After a day later , some how we went as a special team to restore Electricty in the Vizag city. We stayed there for over 20 days and worked in horrible conditions without good food and sufficient water facilities. But what I felt and enjoyed differently is Diwali festival at that time, no crakers only oil lamps and candles litted in all the houses that spreaded over the hills. No electricity only lamps in the city…spectacular scenery! Many large trees fell down and Vizag has lost its glorious green past. Pollution levels are also raised. I regularly visit Vizag and I can feel the difference clearly before and after HUDHUD.

  2. What about your new post Soma?

  3. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. The pig did not blood
    No bleach did he spill
    You could hear die pig die
    The security guy squeal

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    Chuck out of the floor
    All I wanted was bleach
    You could hear the pig roar

    The guard out of bullets
    Great fear did he show
    Fine said the pig
    To no more Piggys- wigglys I’ll go

  5. Glad they came through it in relative safety. We get some nasty tropical cyclones here at times and it really destroys some people’s lives and livelihood.

    • Thanks Ian. 🙂
      Mother natures fury is another level. My mom was saddened by the loss of lush green cover that Vizag used to drape so proudly.

      • I took a look at your Father’s photography. He has some startling ones of the hurricane and some really nice photos from more tranquil times. My wife endured one at a university in the Philippines I was working with in 1996. I was at a conference in Singapore at the time. The winds of the typhoon shot coconuts several feet into the ground and water was coming in horizontally through the smallest cracks in windows and doors. She thought she would die it was so frightening.

  6. That was a harrowing account! I’m so glad both your parents (and it seems most others there) are okay. We have so little power over mother nature. Luckily your parents were prepared with some extra food and water, and power was restored relatively quickly. But it must have been a frightening experience.

  7. Thanks Soma for reblog.


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