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Bonita’s Autumn Maasi

Maasi is a hindi word and its means “like a mother”

And I think they are the most worderful friends,I have had lovely Maasi’s and although I don’t have a real sister, God  blessed Bonita with amazing Maasi’s whom I met here in this beautiful blogosphere.

And what a joy it is to have a maasi who believes in angels,magic,and is such a lovely golden heart.

Oh enough of this  suspense i am talking about Bonita’s Autumn Maasi

.She weaves magic in everyhting she does,a kind-hearted warm loving person 🙂

check out her website by clicking  the image below

and her Blog where the twinnies weave magic

The Twinnies Gabby and Autumn are such warm hearts and they welcome everyone with open arms.

Just go and say hi and you will be family. Isnt it lovely 🙂

click the image below to go to their blog,it’s never too late to make new friends 🙂

And now Autumn Maasi’s poems for her neice Bonita 🙂

The Pretty little girl Fairy

A little girl fairy sits and thinks

which color shall she choose, purple or pink ?

her magic grows

and she knows

that her wings are so nice

she looked at them twice!

she likes to wear a little crown

and twirl all around

and giggles as she lands on the ground

she’s cute as can be

wonder if she can fly down from that tree?

she loves to send hugs and smiles

to all her friends across the miles …

 © Autumn


Baby Pegasus

Baby Pegasus with Mom close by

gets hugs from both cherubs, oh my!

On a fluffy cloud so white

they are just a lovely sight

goodness  all around

such happy sounds

they all look so dear

as smiles appear

friends from afar

yet they’re now near as a star

baby Pegasus kisses

she laughs, she never misses

loving her friends

the fun never ends

they visit each day

along the Milky Way

what a place to get to play …

© Autumn


The Fairy Princess and her Pony

All dressed in pink

What do you think?

The fairy princess and her pony stand

they are looking all around the land

Where should they go?

Do you know?

magic to spin

and races to win

they ride the best

they’ve passed every test

Magic dances on the breeze

making the little pony sneeze!

How silly is that,

the princess almost lost her hat

off they go for a ride that’s fun

galloping into the sun …

©  Autumn


The Fairy Princess

She is magic through and through

she talks to the animals who all knew

that she loves them all

she’s such a doll!

The unicorns come to call

they nuzzle and prance

what a happy dance

She wears her crown

and never a frown

always a smile

all of the while

She is pretty as can be

and a friend to all animals, you see

they love her a lot

without any thought

The mommy unicorn knows

the fairy princess shows

love to all that visit the magic land

where the castle stands …

© Autumn


Animal Friends and Magic

The magic flows

and the animal friends know

their fairy princess sprinkles love

and lots and lots of hugs

A puppy and kitty

they’re just so pretty!

A turtle and a bear

they have more fun to share

they whirl and twirl

and sometimes swirl

a magic dance, it’s true

the fairy princess loves it, too

smiles so sweet

tapping their feet

there’s magic in the land

those four clap their hands!

© Autumn


She waves her magic wand so high Towards the pretty star filled sky

Her magic grows each and every day she casts the spells, they’re on their way!

The flowers wave hello and smile they just love that darling fairy child

Standing on her toes she just knows

That the stars are bright this very night

She spins around oops she landed on the ground

the little fairy laughs again she thinks she’ll try another spin

Yay, this one’s better by far she looks and sees a shooting star

Wishes and magic work, we know all around it really shows

Time to tell the stars goodnight it’s been such a lovely sight

Off the little fairy runs she needs to get home before the sun!

© Autumn


I am sure more will come cos I now know there was a reason I met The Twinnies,I now know it is a blessing and part of God’s bigger plan that I met them 🙂

Thank you so much Autumn Maasi 🙂

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  1. These are the kinds of page we would like to ‘love’, not to ‘like’.

  2. Wonder if I deserve to be a maasi, OMG but I spelled it wrong twice as you can see Soma! 😦 Please forgive my typo and what a lesson in proof reading a comment for spelling! 🙂

  3. I know Autumn being Bonita’s massi is an honor to her Soma. The poems and all the magic she weaves for Bonita is so beautiful and so from her heart for the little fairy princess of yours! 🙂 I think I maybe need to start working on a little story for Bonita myself, I so would love to be her massi, too! 🙂 It’s so lovely how you wrote this Soma, I am blessed to be a twinnie and also blessed to know you all, God always does have his own special plan! 🙂

    • Oh Gabby you and Autumn are already guys have done such a fab job with Alyssa..she is a sweetheart and so are you
      thank you so much
      just love you girls
      Big hug to Gabby Maasi 🙂

  4. I feel like you do there was a reason we all met 🙂 Bonita is such a darling fairy princess and I am so honored to be her Maasi. There will be more poems on the way of course, I hope Bonita will keep her Tiara shining, and ready to wear 🙂 love and hugs to you both, Soma.


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