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Meanwhile in India

Round and round the world spins and wonders if this is what made the humans lose it.

All you have to do is turn on some news channel or read the morning paper. Lies and Half truths rule and whatever is left is pure madness. The circus that is Politics has affected every part of our life and while every country has got their share of buffoons in the government, the ones that are found here are  kings of corruption and stupidity.

Recent events  inspired me to draw some cartoons. Sharing some bits with you all 🙂

1) With rise in crimes against women and kids, a baba well-known for speeches against women, mostly on how women should stay in their limits n all, came up with an unique solution.


2) Northern India is going through troubled times, caused by human indifference and natures fury. And while Indian Army is giving more than 500% rescuing, helping those who are affected, politicians are on a different tangent all together. The cartoon depicts the ugly fist fight two politicians got into, to decide who will get credit for rescuing the people of a particular state.


3) And oh safety of women is top on politicians agendas, don’t believe me, fine look at what an Aam aadmi ( common man) party neta said while asking for vote-


4)  If you are one of those who think Government is burdening you with unrealistic hike in prices of commodities, Think again you useless people!


5) Now the best for the last.  Due to shortage of toilets local administration has made it mandatory that Future grooms in Sehore district submit a picture of grooms along with their toilets to get registered for mass marriage ceremonies and avail benefits under MKY. And oh open toilets not accepted. whoaaa right!!


hmm Earth may be right , all these years of spinning on axis has affected us, Rotation thou Art bitchy

Take care every body, Men stop fussing over nothings like price hike and Women please don’t get raped- UNDERSTOOD!

(cartoons and posts ©2013

Here Kitykity’s Angry Rants



do you hear me ranting


Tiger Butterfly what a joke


yogi giraffe


all in tuna


copyright @ somkritya

Answer 10 Burning Questions :)

I have been tagged by my friend Gabby to answer the following question…

And I swear by the His Highness Garfield and Lord Calvin and Hobbes that

I will write nothing but the truth. 🙂

1) Describe yourself in seven words

Half human half ghost,eccentric,Lazy,bookaholic,chocoholic,blogaholic,sleepaholic

2)What keeps you up at night

he he he nothing can come between me and my sleep

3) Who would I like to be

some one who is filthy rich and too hot to be true

4) what am I wearing right now

ooo its a small lil red….ok its too cold here so loads of woollen

5) What scares me

the very thought that I am all alone in this world and there is no chocolate ( scary haan)

6) What is the best and worst of blogging

Best -getting a chance to share my work, a chance to meet beautiful creative people

worst..i dont know really haven’t found any

7) The Last Website I visited

Autumn Sunshine

8) What is the one thing I would change about myself

I often start a reply with ‘see the thing is” and  it really irritates me i am trying to quit this annoying habit.

9) Slankets yes or no

A very Big yessssss

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you

Ok this is going to be one big answer

Gabby is a warm beautiful soul someone with whom its real easy to connect to…and in whatever few interaction we have had via blogs  I have fallen in love with twinies..
and the best thing about Gabby’s blog   is she doesn’t just write and posts.She shares in real sense. one look at her posts and you would want to participate they are so full of life, fun and happiness.
WOOHOO This has been fun and I would like some of my friends to participate in this fun too-
(I really don’t know if you guys would like to participate in this or not. if you don’t it’s really ok just tagging in case..)

The Candle Lighter Award

I am comparatively new in this huge inspiring beautiful ocean of Blogging. when I started blogging it was solely cause I wanted to share my work with others..and beacause I have always been a voracious reader blogs seemed to be a good place to find more interesting stories poems and whatever I could get access to..

But nothing had prepared me for this amazing magical journey…if you have seen my blog roll and gone through the links you will understand what I mean…all those in the list (and many more I intend to find out) are hugely talented people…

Best part is they inspire,encourage you to do your best not just through their work but also by their comments..for which I want to thank every one who has ever taken out time to read ,like ,comment on my blogs,…you guys are awesome..

One such fellow blogger is Terri whose blog is magical,beautiful, full of inspiration and love and perfectly reflects the generous soul that she is..she has always been inspiring me through her work and when she nominated me for the Candle lighter Award I was honoured beyond words…Thanks Terri for being my friend and mentor…love ya

Going by tradition and the spirit of love and sharing I too have some people whom I want to nominate not just for being wonderful bloggers but also great human beings..

here is the list and I didn’t know how many people I could nominate so am keeping is almost same as any other award..hope you lovely people will forgive me I miss some names…– Shaheen Sultan Dhanji  – David Francis Barker –Debbie Adams – Walter Smith  Steven’s blog–  vampire’s blog 🙂 – Zahir’s Blog – Maiya – Usha’s blog

Wish all of you awesome people a great year of and hugs to all…:-)

Note-( I seriously have no idea why in the above list two of the links are brown and rest of them blue..its not intentional..:-0)

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