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I love to read, and I am dedicating this category as a tribute to people who inspire me

The way the words hug…..

 someone in those greens
whispers out my name
throws some words at my feet
tells me to follow the trail
but stuck here
at the crossroads
i don’t know what to do
and then i see a woman
lying in a blood red pool
she looks so familiar
she needs me
this i know
and then a sound stabs me
the voice of a howling crow
i try to run
i try so hard
and i wake up on a bed
is it mine
what time is it
why am i sleeping here
i open the door and meet a sea
waves lapping at my feet
i try to smile but it does not reach my lips
 the sand cuts,i let my feet bleed
it must have hurt i must have cried
but my eyes are so dry
 lost forever 
looking for a symbol of life
in my womb was a soul
a few days from sunlight
and now i don’t feel the rush
he must have seen the world
is he in a cot sleeping
should i go look for him
or shall i first find out
if i am a dead womans dream
some one calls my name
i must follow my dreams…
© somkritya
A few days Back i was reading excerpts of Daniel.J. Davis’s Book, Wind River, and the write up was so inspiring that i could not stop my self from weaving the poem i just shared. This poem has nothing to do with the story line and every thing to do with the aura it creates…
The poet must never touch his inspiration – even if he could – it must reside in it’s exalted realm, just out of reach, like the sacred fingertip. If he does touch it, he is no longer a poet – the inspiration falls to earth and becomes human – seeking only, it’s pleasure and craving….
That’s what i tried to do or at least i am hoping i did some justice to what i read
Wind River is about Sarah,about John,in world of 1854, about battle fields,about an isolated village,about a simple red feather…
This Post Today Is Not a Book Review But My Way Of Paying Tribute to a Wonderful, Generous and Passionate Writer Daniel.J.Davis,
A tribute to someone who inspired me to write in a genre which i have till now enjoyed reading. Something in that story,something in his write up hugged me, gave me a warm embrace and though my poem is dark, the feeling was of happiness which only comes from a good read.
As inspiring as it has been, it was tough naming this post and i thought what should I name this post…
shall i name it Sarah’s touch
or Red feather
shall i call it The way the word hugs
or Much needed refresher
shall i name it Clancy’s desires
or the Wind river fire
shall i name it The wind river pass
or The angels ire
Oh you have to read Sarah’s Notebook  to understand why it inspired me so much. The way it has been woven into the story makes it furthermore interesting.
some nuggets from the Part 1
We set out on dreams built on tales of California, a paradise I could hardly imagine, temperate and warm and beautiful. I don’t know why I expected Oregon country to be the same. I guess we just went too far north for the sun to follow.
And from this frosty window I can see what dreams look like when you find them. They are never what you imagined they would be, but you recognize them just the same.Because you know it’s what you were afraid of.
He places a pen to paper
Come North! Wind River Awaits!
A Trapper’s Dream! Water, Land, and Gold!
The ink slides from the G as he fills in the outline of the letter and he curses Christ for allowing it to happen.
Intrigued,want more….But know this before you click the link below…
This is not an ordinary story ,this is a story of a place which doesn’t follow the rules of this planet.
There are places where Sun will not reach ,some call them Godforsaken and even in these places stories and poetry’s will be born.. very dark very different…the dreams and songs in these places will have a different soil and a diferent base tone…
And reading those words you will not know when you will become a part of their lives, you will be those characters and you will feel every thing they felt. Words of Wind River will touch and caress your senses, but be careful some caresses sting and leave scars
may be you should just leave
or may be its already too late for you to go back….
Please Click the link below or the Image above to go to the page where you will find synopsis and links to this story…
Wind River By Daniel J Davis 

Wish you all a lovely weekend and a goodread 🙂


Beck and Call by Eric Alagan

Today is world environment day and the best thing we can do today or another day to protect environment is to read thrillers.
you know,it will start with a gripping tale,eyes will bulge,pretty soon you will be biting nails,your mouth will turn dry,you will start sweating profusely and by the time you finish reading you will run out for some peace but you wont find any cos either you have cut all the greens and polluted the blues or didn’t stop others from doing so…and that, there my friend, will be an aha moment and all those reading thrillers will do something to revive the greens. isn’t it Great 🙂
And reading thrillers is always fun-
read it under a shade
or out soaking the sun
read it during meals
or polishing your gun
read it sitting on a tree
or standing upside down
read it with a big smile
or with a smirk or a frown
read it sipping hot chocolate
or  wine in one hand
read it waiting for a rescue boat
or when buried deep in sand
But do not read a thriller
which starts with a B
more so if the writer’s name
starts with an E
something about those alphabets
reader gets sucked in the book
and no matter how much one pleads
story doesn’t let them go of the hook
according to one survey 98% times it has happened  
I have been following ERIC (Written Words Never Die) for some time now, not only is he a fun friend and a lovely warm heart but also a brilliant writer. A generous writer  who loves and takes care of his readers and that love reflects in his writing.
Two of his series which I just can’t do without, in fact they have become sort of addictions are
Life of Mechanic Leigh        &
excerpts from his book beck and call.
where Mechanic Leigh series is humour and human emotions ( ghost writer is my favourite)
Beck and Call is a business thriller and one look at the excerpts and the free read available at amazon and you will be hooked like a bee on honey or is it bear???
One common mistake we all make( me included ) is that whenever we read excerpts of a book and if we like it,we comment but forget that it is a part of a book,if we love this tiny piece on the post so much just imagine what an explosion of emotions and action the book will be…and I must thank my stars that i clicked the link and read the free read part of this amazing thriller..
It is crisp and fast paced, kicks and caresses at just the right time and has  a superb gripping narrative which makes it a brilliant thriller
This book is definitely on my June read list.
And I would recommend this book to anyone and every one who likes chilli chocolates and if you do not like them I would suggest, kindly return back to your planet
Now lets read a brief synopsis available at all leading book sites-
Beck And Call – A Business Thriller Set in Singapore:-
Edwin taps venture capitalist funds and launches a chain of coffee shops. Seetoh, his childhood nemesis, now an underworld boss, defrauds him. Edwin seeks help from India and Thailand to save his business. He races against the deadline unaware that the sources of his funds are dubious at best.
The novel hints of syndicates that use Singapore to launder money and how and why sovereign funds step in with investments. It reveals the practices of Asian business families and provides an insight beyond the squeaky-clean image of Singapore.
The storyline also touches on interracial relationships in a multi-racial society. The racial tensions in the formative years of post-independence Singapore as much as family values forge the characters of Edwin, a Singaporean-Indian and Seetoh, a Singaporean-Chinese.
Filled with intrigue, adult themes and the threat of latent violence, the novel is also about the higher-callings of love, loyalty and family that tug all people, regardless of creed.
what people who love chilli chocolates wrote about this beautiful book—
“The plot moves fast…an outstanding effort” – Ramachandran, Executive Director, Singapore National Book Council
“A great read…by turns gritty, sweaty, violent, mysterious, sexy and intriguing” – Jeremy Nash, Business Consultant, New York
“Whether you are a casual reader, a romantic, an experienced professional, a seasoned entrepreneur or a politician accustomed to deals and double crosses…(Beck and Call) will not disappoint you…would appeal to readers of family epics; mystery writing; general fiction and political thrillers” – Brian Cook, literary agent, manuscript assessor, Australia
what more do you want people!!!!!
How to go about it…do not worry cos i am going to help you out 🙂
Click the link below to go straight to the excerpts of the book available on Eric’s blog-
Click this link to go to amazon for more free read, Just click the arrow on top of book which says read inside and enjoy the prologue and chapters available for free read-
Click here for EBook e-retailer links-
Click this image to go to Page which will give you information on how to order and get your copy
I hope all of you who read this post today will click the links and read the excerpts,trust me when i say in “Ericland” there is no dull moment and you will never be dissapointed.
Wish you all a great June read 🙂

Curio’s new friends-5 by Stuart Young

There are so many things in this beautiful world that are synonymous with happiness.
Smell of earth and the way world looks after the first showers, even the sunlight looks all fresh and clean..
The smell of something being baked or grilled,the croak of frogs in the rain,the sound of crickets chirping in the night.
Going for a trekking and finding out a mango tree all dressed up with fruits and then sit near a stream and eat them getting all messy
hugs,smell of books,hearty laughter ( don’t know any other way),dancing and singing
watching kids play games in park,their mischiefs and pranks,their excuses so cute
watching clouds form patterns and playing the guessing game
splashing in the puddle…
 when our loved ones find a reason to smile 🙂
and for those who are happy souls the list is endless…
And if you are wonderfing why i am singing this ‘happy-appy’ song its cos one of my friends
 Stuart has launched his book in a fabulous event recently.I will be sharing some pics of that event later in this post.
And cos there is an air of happiness around I am feeling generous too,so the 5th part of the Curio series is all yours to read and enjoy,which by the way may have something to do with love or at least the beginning of it
“when the same world all of a sudden wears a spring look
when the stolen glances have all the beauty of rainbow”
In this part of the series curio might have met someone but to know more you will have to read it and find out
and that someone may have liked him too,Nope, no way, no more read it and find out
there may be a triangle of….. hey i told you its a secret,and no one keeps  secret as I do …..
Stuart is so good with teasing his readers,4th part was about surviving the harsh weather and the rough sea  and 5th is about making friends, but for how long will this calmness and serenity last?
hmmmm….oh but this is life…unpredictable with sweet sour events on platter
Click the image  to read the book in Google document
Now the very special part of this post
Stuart Young’s book (HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE,One day at a time)launch was on may 20th
Please click the Book Cover below to know more about the book launch and to get more information on where you can buy your copy
or you can click the top widget on the right side widget bar to take you there
[About this book-Stuart says This book started off as a series of Tweets – “Take the opportunity today to hug someone you love, just for the hell of it! That was the first one, then out came another and another and pretty soon I was thinking of them every day. As the days ticked on I found myself thinking of more and more opportunities, each one having the possibility to change my life on that day, sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a BIG way. Eventually I decided to do one a day for an entire year and document my experiences in a journal ]
and for the launch pics click the image below,which by the way is a cake..drool
Have a great week and  remember a hug a day keeps demons away or something like that  🙂

Just a woman…..

I am hot and cool a beautiful bird
that one is dull a shabby  little nerd
lets break them up, lets make them cry
too smart for my liking,lets wring them dry
the smirks and taunts
like ghosts they haunt
oh the girls, oh the boys
their innocent souls
hatred in blood
what have we done
cuss on my lips,rage in my eyes
heart so bitter,how cool despise
an open market, lets get some gun
bang bang bang bang for venge or fun
he is black she is brown
when colour is noun
oh the girls oh the boys
their Innocent souls
prejudiced minds
what have we done
Stalk, abuse or rape
fear in the nape
body wants, body gets
lust drives,money lets
My wants  my passion
fast life in fashion
oh the girls oh the boys
their innocent souls
greed in the genes
what have we done
For years I  have been reading violence of all sorts in newspaper’s but in past few years violence against kids and by kids have reached an alarming high rate..Its a scary world out there and we need to do something about it…..
You know what…This world needs more kick ass souls,people who are still human, to join hands and work together.
Those who understand you don’t need to love or like a person to help them out help others because you are there and you can.
And because you do not like someone doesn’t give you a right to ridicule them or belittle them.what you do not understand is not necessarily wrong,what you do not follow doesn’t make it small or irrelevant
we have been passing on and giving out negative vibes to our kids,that has to change.
Not only we need to re-shape our selves but also the life we have been providing to our kids.
we need to bring back phantoms,mandrake,tin tins,hardy boys in our kids life, teach our kids friendship,tolerance,and compassion.
we have to make our kids good citizen..not just for you and me but for this whole world.
But along with that we need to teach them self-defense and also how to stand up for each other when time calls
buy boxing kits or whatever you think is appropriate and enroll them in self-defense classes.
there is so much to do and together we can bring the change in this ruthless love starved world
I always participate in any and every campaign that promotes peace,education and awareness and am constantly looking out for new ways to educate our kids……and so when I chanced upon this book/campaign Leah has started, I decided to join it.
What I love about this book is it’s not just another preach the whole world book…It focuses on  how to be a better more confidant woman. how to be that woman who not only stands for herself but also for her peers.
This book-I AM MORE THAN JUST A GIRL is more like an activity book which I would love to buy for my daughter and gift it to teenagers. It’s about training your thoughts,understanding your soul,your body,protecting it…when i was scrolling through the slide share presentaion i remembered the quote -Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Why not read what the author has to say  about it. 🙂


This is not a self-help book. This is a guide that can be used for a young woman’s entire life. Topics include self-defense, domestic violence and bullying, sexual assault, career and education, acceptance of others, stress management, self-expression and beauty and body image. Readers are encouraged to try several creative exercises such as journaling, meditation, and self-expression to bring these important issues into their daily lives.


To know more about this book click the following link 


or just scroll through the slide share presentation,Trust me you will not be dissapointed..there are some activities which every mother/teacher needs to educate their daughters/sons/students about.

I Am More Than Just A Girl; Empowered. Informed. Equal

View more documents from ImpowerYou
Leah can also be contacted on her site-IMPOWER YOU
Lets begin by supporting each other and every one who is doing their bit 🙂
“Stand up and fight until you hear the bell,
Stand toe to toe, trade blow for blow
 Keep punching til you hear that final bell,
Show them folks what you know.
Until you hear that bell, the final bell,
Stand up and fight like hell!”
( remember to fight for yourself ,your home,your country,your world….fight doesnt mean war,it means standing up against injustice and cruelty ,standing up and not let a bully ruin even a single life.standing up for each other and be a human )
Wish you all an inspired and blessed weekend 🙂
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