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Circle of souls

”Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything.”

This page is about causes, awareness, inspirations, satire and everything that is happening around us with two large fries and a coke

My soul weaves , sings and dances in the write ups which you will find on this page.

just click any link of your choice to know my views, my take on the world today.

Hope my thoughts touch you enough to care, enough to join hands with me , enough to inspire me more.

Thanks for visiting this page .


Today, Now, This very moment This world needs you

Meanwhile in India

Evolution is e+ volution = turn or twist in e

Do You break in rashes, hives and blisters when you care for others

Child Sexual Abuse AWARENESS Month- Childhood is about weaving Dreams not Living Nightmares

Horn OK Please, cos Honking is fun!

The Religious God

Autism – The Staring Strangers

Trigger to Tigger

The Scars inside

The Bitter Angels

Just a woman…..

Word Hug

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