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 The Sun sang songs for the sky

and the breeze brought their essence to me

the greens spashed colours                                                                         

the stars added glitter

honey from the bees                                        

dash of salt from the oceans

and in my heart their were poems

which spoke warmth and glee

My Poetry links-( will keep them updating)

A rose for The Rose

The Ravaged Canvases

One Cuppa Life

Urban Birds

An Awakening

‘Of Chimes and a Gong

Fly-fly-Fly Away

Beneath All That Cobweb

Its not your time to go

Daddy Longlegs


August Arch

en passant

Green Cravings;A Song

October Tea

Crystal Clear Dreams

Still Alive

Life cycle of death

Trishna(तृष्णा)-A Song

In The Sunset Sky

An Expensive Dream

Oh Dear God

Dejar Ir

Rocky sea-An Inspiration

A dreamer’s Choice

Last Night-A True Story

A hug from the past

Salt and Hope


Kato’ Ki

Hugs,Smile and Chance-A Fairy Tale

A Valentine Run

The Backpack Things….

Radiant Whispers

Dance to the music of life


The Scars Inside

A Story Straight from Kangaroos Pouch

Hello it’s me

Amuse Bouche




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  3. Hey Soma!
    My poem मेरी रिहाई हो चुकी है got published in Delhi’s newspaper Loksatya. 🙂
    Here is my blog link:
    And you can also see it in the Loksatya newspaper dated 7th or 8th August 2012.

    You have always been an encouragement, and so I had to share this with you!

  4. -poezja to śpiew miłości
    skrzydła,które nas unoszą do krainy marzeń i baśni…..

  5. I felt sadness this week, my dear mama was laid to rest. I came here and felt a sense of calm and peace. In a turbulent world peace is a rare thing and welcome if only for a short while.

    Thank you Soma Mukherjee, you are a special person.

  6. This is such a vibrant place 🙂 And the intro to your poetry links is beautiful!


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