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They come from every where..under the bed,from the fog, roads,forests,oceans mirrors,you name it. They bug me to write their story and till I do they haunt me…

( going to include some articles and short notes in this section too)

story links-

A Dead Man Is Always Wrong

In The Magical Land Of Library

My Bad


A Very Sad Letter

Murder In The Valley

Stories from under the bed

The Fog Whisperer

Last Night a true Story

In The Ruins of Bhangarh

Curio & the Great Ridge -1 Stuart Young

Curio Begins to remember by Stuart Young

Curio’s next adventure-3 by Stuart Young

A weird but True Story


Simple Business

2 responses »

  1. Just so You Know ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what do u think is next for Soma Star ? I bet You do 🙂
    It has something to do with Zebras …….:)
    Zebras have always been my favourite animal .;…….

    and Lucas of course ….:) xoxoxoxoxoox
    Thank You for the sweet Cartoon 🙂
    where the heck do i put it ? lolololololololol 🙂 i Know where 🙂 xx
    Have a great day Soma Star xx
    and Why Lucas Huh ? i have no idea ………..
    It’s probably tucked inside my heart somewhere ……….
    But I have never MET A LUCAS
    Have You ?
    That would be too uncanny ……..
    Love and Funnnnnnn and CATSUITS 🙂 TY XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Nice flow to your thought process.


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