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Beautiful Blog and Very Inspiring Blog Award

Its Spring here !!
ok this is no surprise..but do you know what the spring carries in its purse…..,cool breeze,cough cold,flu,taxes,flowers and oh!! awards( bet you didn’t know all this)
I love awards. ( not a secret) and I believe they are the extension of the warmth and love we feel for each other, more the merrier. Recently I got nominated for some amazing awards, since I am running late in this category I am going to talk about two of them here today.
First is Very Inspiring Blogger Award from My Soul Sisters Autumn and Gabby. They are the best twinnies in the town.
Gabby is expert when in comes to celebrating unusual holidays. and mark my words pretty soon we will be following Gabby Calender( oh that will be so much fun)
And Autumn is a Magic fairy. Now all fairies know magic but Autumn spreads them not through wand but her beautiful poetry’s. check out their blogs for soul soothing poetry and chuckles.
This award would be incomplete if i don’t post a  list of seven things about me
1) i am scared of closed spaces
2) i love all colours but except for the shades found in a box of crayon, i have no knowledge of colours girls talk about( something which makes my gal pals think i may be an alien in a womans body!!!)
3) i have more books than shoes or clothes
4) My life swings between hyperactive and sloth days
5) I love chocolates, in fact they are my second religion,first being humour
6) i have seen all the ghost,thriller,sci-fi movies made so far( yes all of them )
7) more often than not you will find me all lost in my thoughts, something which makes people think i am a snob..but i am not..really really really not
Second award is Beautiful Blogger award by George W Mahn III
George is a kind generous soul and his blog is the place to visit if you like Discography,film scores,lyrics,music, poetry, in short a beautiful serene blog.
Now the nominations, please take note that I am nominating the following blogs for both the awards
if you have already received one of them you can choose to ignore it and go for the other one
Most blog awards come with a rule to nominate 7 fellow bloggers but since i am really bad in maths, may be i will be excused.Also I always end up forgetting some of the  award rules so To know more please click the following links
Wish you all a great day ahead. May what you read inspire you and may you weave more magic and inspiration in what ever you do.
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