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Child Sexual Abuse AWARENESS Month- Childhood is about weaving Dreams not Living Nightmares

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..~ Proverbs31:8

April is National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month.

  • We need to get up and start working on this issue.
  • Join hands to secure this world for our kids.
  • Lot has to be done in this field,small and/or big scale.
  • Educating kids about Wrong and Right touches,
  • Talking to them more about it and again and agin till they understand they are surrounded by People who will Listen, People who Care, People who will Fight for them.
  • It is very important that a child has a SAFE EAR where they can go without hesitation and talk about their concerns. Be that safe ear.
  • WE live in a society where Victims of any abuse hide in shame and feel guilty whereas the real culprits roam around freely- this has to change, society has to change, we have to bring this change.


childhood should be carefree
fun, games, sand and puddles
childhood shouldn’t hurt
childhood shouldn’t be about wrong touches
‘ don’t tell your mom It’s our secret’
‘if you tell your parents they will think you are bad’
childhood shouldn’t be hiding under the bed
scared to come out,scared to face the world
childhood should be green and mud on knees
not blood and pain and nightmares
childhood should be playing with parents
asking them for stories and toys
not hiding from them
Childhood is about weaving dreams
not broken ones
A note to Parents and every one who Cares –
  • 1 out of 5 boys will be Sexually Abused by their 18th Birthday
  • 1 out of 3 Girls will be Sexually Abused by their 18th Birthday 
  •  A child is Sexually Abused every 2 minutes
  • Estimated 95% of children who are sexually Abused know the abuser, and in many cases, loves & trusts that person.
  • The Abuse may consist of a single incident or many acts over a long period of time.
  • It is more often perpetrated by someone known to the child.
  • Abuse may escalate over time,particularly is the abuser is is a family member.
  • You may be thinking…” That could never happen to my Child” sadly it can and does happen to kids…Never assume that just because you know where your child is and who they are with, That this could never happen to them. 
  • Never Assume that if this happens or is happening to your child that they would tell you.
  • Sexual Predators know how to silence Children and as a Parent, your understaing of this horrific crime is Imperative for your childs safety.



Child abuse is a community problem and its prevention can only succeed through  the involvement of social service agencies, schools, hospitals, religious and  civic organizations, law enforcement, the business community, and private  citizens
Be Careful Be Vigilant Be Active in your kids life
Listen to your kid
Watch people around them
Listen ANDInvestigate
And Fight
Fight with all you have- ‘if and when’
“The World is a Dangerous Place to live,not because of the people who are Evil, But Beause of the People who don’t do anything about it”
Albert Einstein
And although we are talking about prevention do click the link and read the Warning signs
( photo –
Soma Mukherjee

Magical Summers

I was born in the summer of 73. My grandmother used to say it was Buddha Purnima( An auspicious day; Birth Anniversary of Lord Buddha)

I don’t know how much of  this beautiful crazy life I have been living so far, has been due to being born on this day, but I used to feel I was special and to be blessed with magical powers in future with which one day I wouldn’t have to do menial things like homework.. 🙂

When you are a kid every thing is magical but summers were pretty special and adventurous. Nothing can beat summer vacations and of course my parents did everything they could to make it an amazing journey.

A typical summer  morning would start with morning walk to the near by abandoned golf course… me, my brother and my mom.. and often mom would take us to new places and we would walk under the bridges, or brave some slopes to taste that yummy looking berry.Oh it was so much fun….

This one day dad and mom decided we will go trekking in a nearby forest( just like that) mom packed water and whatever food she had ready at that time and off we went.

we were deep in the forest when we met a man and when asked he told us to go back as there were tigers(and a river) just five minutes or so away from where we where. Now any other mortal would have gone back but not us… my father was carrying just a stick but in our family we don’t go back, no sir( come to think of it its the attitude that matters isn’t it)…so we went ahead and  after walking for half an hour or so in search of The Great River and even Greater bunch of Wild Hungry Cats we could only be graced by presence of extremely thin stream of water……and as for the cats, nope no such luck…that incident till to date has remained our favourite story whenever we get together…

My parents pretty much shaped and coloured a beautiful adventurous spirit in us,travelling through all the known and lesser travelled path that was one day going to help us  living in present and shaping the future …

Once you have tasted this kind of adventure, freedom..your soul will never let’s you be shackled( may good may be not ) but it stays and tells  you to try more do more

Every afternoon mom would read us Famous Five, Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew  …we literally grew up listening to and later on reading these books…those were days when I wanted/wished for  two things-

  • that the summer vacations never end
  • I become a famous detective

this may also be the reason why I love reading thrillers and ghost stories.

Now the ghost story obsession came from my paternal grandmother and Dad. They would tell us all kinds of stories about their ancestors and folklores and ghosts….

But we will talk about them some other day…and believe me those stories are gems and you wouldn’t want to miss them..but for now back to summer

The best part of summer vacation was the new delicacies mom used to cook/bake for us

Starting from iced lemon teas to cup full of special coffee foam( my mom would cook anything and everything to make our summers special) freshly baked homemade cakes,breads, new cuisines ….yum  yum… am drooling while writing,….

and then in the evening dad would pour a lot of water on the terrace floor to cool it and we would pretend it was swimming pool( extremely shallow one) but that didn’t deter us from behaving like toads………ah bliss.

and the day would end with me and my brother chatting nonstop animatedly about the whole day and the fun that it was and planning new day new possibilities…

those were magical summer days and nights we didn’t have to dream we were living a dream…..

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