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“so this is what it looks like, huh”
“the end of the world”
“who said its end, how do you..
“look around you fool,yesterday was a Friday, A Friday, and today a Monday. where is the weekend?”
Dear everybody and People from outer space. Something terrible horrible happened in out Town of Gokakakpapa. Someone stole our weekend . This Thursday I saw it dancing with Friday and on Friday I saw it getting ready to date Saturday. One moment it was there, why I even waved and smiled at it but today we got up and found a Big Blue Monday in the Town.
Mr.Herg from the farm said anything is possible now a days, Mrs. Hexel called for the top Voodoo officials and Tantrik Babas from faraway land to solve this end of the world problem. Every one seemed to know someone who knew how to solve this problem and in the mean time I tried to find out what could have happened to the weekend. It really could have been anything….
Spider thought weekend was a fly and caught it in its net
Cat thought it was a mouse and killed it as soon as they met
Dog thought it was a ghost and barked and chased it out of the town
Squirrels cracked it open cos they looked nutty and brown
Cows were hungry and thirsty, they grazed on it to keep their cool
And sheep’s, you never know what they can hide beneath all that wool
What if weekend went for a walk and took a wrong turn
Or went to a carnival stayed there forever to have all the fun
Today was supposed to be a weekend and I didn’t know what to do,
Saturday and Sunday didn’t show up and no one had a clue
where is weekend
That is when we heard about Wombats-
experts in all kinds of combats,
They know how to win and change the glum 
with marshmallow’s, chocolates and wine gums.
They are wombats
They are wombats
your new age superman
They are clever
they are smart
they are fast
They always have a game plan
They are Wombats
And I knew Soma who knew Fraz The Funny Clever Wombat. The moment they heard about our problems they flew in the next second in their Chocomarshmellow Superduper trooper powered space ship and told us to take a chill with chocolate milkshake and before we knew Our weekend was restored back with all its zing.
Oh but what a shame, that our Weekend was under the huge pile of garbage lying all around in the city !! Poor poor Saturday and Sunday all stinky and dishevelled. Our superheroes Binky,Winky,Twink & Fraz re-charged and refreshed the weekends with chocotrooper superpower and even showed us how to keep the city clean.
They sang us this lovely song-
If you don’t keep your city clean
if you don’t take care of your Town
you drive away all the good vibes
and in stays quarrels and frowns
so pick up that wrapper and throw it in the bin
and next time you see a dirt
don’t wait for someone else to clean
clean you town
clean your town
polish it in and out
love your town
keep it clean
and hug the colour green
And in todays papers
The Times– Wombats , of course they did it..
The Guardian– With Wombats nothing is lombat, they do is fast, we hope the city learnt something
Daily Mirror– We Want Wombats to rule the world, we want world leaders to learn from them, hey Mr. President are you listening ?
Have fun People and remember clean city happy city
and oh
TGWHW-( Thank God We Have Wombies)
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