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Now anyone can become Filthy Rich, just call 800- Shark Bait

Yeah right! So I have a plan and instead of doing something about it, like getting rich, I blog….DUH! Davy Jones’ Locker awaits all ye Landlubbers. Read this poem instead.
once upon a time in a faraway land
lived a pirate,
his name, no one knows that,
but let’s call him Pegleg McStinky.
He wore one eye patch
his left hand was a hook
and right leg was all wood
his teeth were dark yellow and black
and he would often sing songs
write poems and look up in the sky
and ask God why o why
why was he all alone in the island,
where was the ship,
where were his pirate buddies,
why were the monkeys in the island
always attacking him,
why did pigs there bite his bum
when he tried to sleep,
what is a treasure
and where was it,
and most importantly
what to do when the stomach growls
day and night ?
He died looking for answers
and treasure in the island.
How sad and scary the story of
Pegleg McStinky
whose belly growled
Do not steal or copy this ye Son of a Biscuit Eaters

Merino’s Bahh

Hello fellow Earthlings. How are you people doing, still pushing each other to get in the lift first or may be fighting for/over  some piece of land! Well good for you, keep up the fight because you are clearly going to live forever.
Me!! umm not so, cos I know I will be going back to my home planet  Zazaburra soon, where no one is born and no one dies, we are just a planet full of small Glow worms spreading light through our bums and singing the bumbum glee songs.
bumbum glee bumbum glee
my bum is twinkling
oh can’t you see
oh can’t you see
why can’t you see
I am a bumbum glee……oh such a beautiful song
More about me and the song in some other post,some other day when it is not raining so much and I can think clearly without having spiders, snakes and zombies taking refuge under my bed and making all kinds of noise.
For today’s post I would like all of you to meet Merino, my new pet cartoon sheep. Why Cartoon, do you ask?
Well for one I live in this huge small building and that I know is no place to raise a real Sheep and second I heard Merino is a blogger. Tell me friends, is there anything better than a cartoon sheep who blogs!!!
And I admit ( with sheepish grin) having a pet minus the feeding, cleaning after, sounded so heavenly when I adopted Merino.
 You see I am not a potted plant kind of person. I have tried many a times but failed miserably every time to keep the plants green and/or alive. And one of my friends who works at the Hilbilitoopoo state something asylum told me Meds, Straitjackets and the padded white rooms are keeping me from loving plants and hence I should not be keeping a pet. And yet I found a pet to pamper in this huge small building, isn’t it incredible!
Me and Merino
Back to Merino, as I told you earlier, he is a blogger.
He named his blog ‘The Bleating Log’
( Merino somehow got this idea that BLOG is short for Bleating Log and nothing I said could convince him otherwise)
Today I am sharing one of his poems, hope you like the poem and encourage Merino to write more 🙂
~Unraveling at seams~
I  had a bad dream last night
I dreamt that I was beautiful
crimped and elastic staples
lovely Kemp, beautiful fleece
and then came those nasty things
nasty things called human beings
they reared me
they sheared me
and took all my wool away
now I look weird
now I look weird
Those clothes, those sweaters
they are all me
they are all me
and I want discount from Macy’s
Unraveling at seems

Unraveling at seams

~thank you
Copyright 2013@BleatingLog
and before I leave you wondering about twinkling bums picturing me and the awesomeness that will be, let me tell you Merino is a huge fan of Stuart Art. There is nothing STU can’t do, says Merino and here is what Stu had to say about Merino’s poem-

The Bleating Log

Met a leaping dog

On his way to herd

‘Creak’ said the log

For it had no mouth

And the dog simply barked

Which meant ‘Merde!’

It was a French dog.

~Stuart Young~

The Fifth Season

Wrote a summer ha-iku  😉

Summer Vacations

kids everywhere  you look

giggles rule world

There are five seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and Summer vacations.  Sadly the fifth season which kids love the most is all packed and ready to leave. And this time of year, just before the school re-opens for a new session, you get to see and hear all kinds of funny things all around. It is fun and a bit sad at times to see how parents  and kids deal with their holiday home works and prep for new sessions.

Am sharing some cartoons I made  which will make you laugh and think , hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them .

1) Please let the kids do their own work. As parents our duty is to guide them and teach them how to fly and not fly for them


2) Many schools burden their kids with excessive home work and ruin the holidays. Remember fun, play and rest are as important as studies

 If kids are stuck in school mindset
When will they get to explore
That which is most important – life?

~Stuart Young


3) Make plans and trash them 😉


4) Teachers are you ready .. 😆


wishing every heart a great fun week ahead 🙂

June Mantra-

 If you want change – CONTRIBUTE

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Autism- Let’s have Fun

2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day. I will be wearing Blue, talking about it, helping people understand Myths and Facts surrounding Autism.
  • eg- Moms who watch horror movies during their pregnancy give birth to Autistic kids–hell no, that will only make the kid see dead people!
  • Autistic kids are born to parents who believe in Alien invasions, ughh, no again. They will have a kid born with tin foil covering the head…… get the point.
I have always believed if you are not having fun you are not doing it right. No matter what you do, do it with all your heart and you will enjoy the journey. An anxious worried parent cannot raise a happy child.
The mantra is fun and Honesty. be crazy, be love, be structured, be mess, be understanding, be considerate, give space to your kid, believe in giving not just 2nd or 3rd but 1000 chances, one day success- next day what happened- no problem let’s start again!
There is no one way to live with autism, what works for you may or may not help others, let’s not blindly follow others and let’s not force others to follow our ways.
no medicines unless 100% sure of its origin and effects.
Well that’s that now let’s have fun.
Inside the head of an autism Mom there is a weird ninja fun zone, but she isn’t born with it, this kind of madness and insanity takes unlearning and learning 100,000 times.  But once you reach this madness its fun not just for the parent but also the kid.
 Human brain has two sides, left and right and I have a third one, which keeps shifting its position and makes me write weird posts and make strange cartoons and doodles. It is called floating craziness, can be seen in mirror and it has its own shadow too and it helps me understand Autism.
With help of this third part of brain I made some fun Autism Doodles and cartoons, hope you enjoy.
What is autism
alien spider pact
race in autism land
love in air
raccoon says
angel goth
autism land1
Now a fun question
1) An animal who is Leopard by day and rabbit by night.
2) A rabbit wearing leopard print.
3) A leopard who loves carrots.
4) A crocodile with funky name
do not copy
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