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A Hat for You and A Hat for Me

Wear an October hat
and come lets sing and chat
watch the natures tricks
and bake a lot of story bricks
build a huge story house with them
windows of silly and doors of inspiring gems
rooms full of songs for you and me
and cool breeze from rivers and sea
wear an October hat
and come with me
there is so much to do before the winter knocks
lets paint the porch with warmth and love
break the fences keep the doors open to all
a place to dream, a place to start, a place to break all walls
just wear an October hat
and come join me
come even if you have a Ghost on your tree house 
getting ready for Halloween
or a  Caterpillar which eats cakes and ice creams
and hates greens


 Beautiful breeze
That flows by my window
Comes from faraway lands
Goes further beyond
Gathers wisdom from under the huge rocks
From the small shrubs who have never seen sun
Contentment from streams that never met their sea
From scattered seeds that never grew a shoot
The beautiful breeze
That flows by my window
Brings twinkling messages of courage
From the stars still sparkling but long gone
From birds living in cement world
Fom the unsung but powerful verses
From trees braving dark and humans
From the paths eager to see a traveler
The beautiful breeze
That flows by my window
Whispers stories of wrinkled eyes
patience and memories they hold
From the attic and its old world charms
From the battle field it brings selflessness
And the longing from a soldiers home
Carries brave stories and cheers
when people stand up for each other
The beautiful breeze
That flows by my window
Touches the poles and equator
Caresses all the oceans and mountains
Tells me now is not the time to stop
Tells me keep going till there is life
Tells me death is a journey why mourn
Tells me pray when you can
Play when you can
Do not forget to make friends where ever you go
And call your loved ones


When I was a kid
i wanted to become a pirate
sail to far away lands
find treasure troves
and fight the sea dragons
when i was a kid
i wanted to become a knight
Flash huge swords and win wars
kill the bad kings
and save people from monsters
when i was a kid
i wanted to become a detective
solve cases like nancy drew
help the police
and earn a badge
when i was a kid

i wanted to become a teacher
who would understand kids just like me
who would listen to us
and help us understand our dreams
when i was a kid
i wanted to grow up
do a lot of things
yet not change a bit
and that i did
and became a story teller
tell me one thing that is not possible
and i will weave you a story
of how it can be done
that is the beauty
when the kid inside
never says good bye
for the kid inside
every thing is magical
everybody is somebody
every dream is important
and nothing is impossible
if only you would believe
so if you are like me
   who belives in magic and dreams
come let’s weave stories together
  and give others new dreams
   if you are not like me but do like me
  let’s share and see how far our dreams go
and if you are not like me and do not like me
oh boy the things i have for you
in my bag
you would not believe 🙂
* Kato’Ki means, “Lets help each other” in Cakchiquel, the Mayan language spoken by the people in Patzun.


We started the journey(सफ़र)

Of the known and unknown

The day we were born

The day we shook hands with death

And agreed to meet him somewhere in between

Or in the end as he called it

And then spent the life wishing never to see him again

Somewhere in this journey we found ourselves

We lost ourselves

We understood, got confused

And in this journey

we trusted God

we blamed God

Ignoring, avoiding, being indifferent to suffering around

And still hoped and prayed for his mercy

Somewhere in this journey

We became rebels

 Stood for values

 Fought for one

 Agreed with none

Stood up for something’s

And regretted not standing for that one

Somewhere the hope died

Somewhere a new shoot was born

Rainbow failed to show up

Sun peeked through heavy clouds

Somewhere in this journey we found love

Lost it, all heart broken

To be filled with love and warmth again

Or may be never

Some rivers found their oceans

Some lost their route or the zest

Somewhere in the journey

                                                          Some found courage,

                                               some lived with conscience muted

Some wrote, some listened

Some got married and some..

Well some of them still say single makes sense

Some lived happily ever after

And some never found out what it was

And in these alleys of the life we travelled

                                              We ran, we gave up and sat for a while

And in these alleys of life we expressed

Sometimes we howled out loud

   Sometimes we muffled the screams and the laughter

And just let our body talk

And in these alleys of life we lived

Dying every night

Coming to life every morning

Wishing for more, hoping for less

What ever worked…

And in these alleys of life

We met death

Some called him, embraced him

And some begged for another chance

Sometimes he came straight to us

And sometimes he just shook hands and said

Some other time

And in these alleys life ended

 life began..


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