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Meanwhile in India

Round and round the world spins and wonders if this is what made the humans lose it.

All you have to do is turn on some news channel or read the morning paper. Lies and Half truths rule and whatever is left is pure madness. The circus that is Politics has affected every part of our life and while every country has got their share of buffoons in the government, the ones that are found here are  kings of corruption and stupidity.

Recent events  inspired me to draw some cartoons. Sharing some bits with you all 🙂

1) With rise in crimes against women and kids, a baba well-known for speeches against women, mostly on how women should stay in their limits n all, came up with an unique solution.


2) Northern India is going through troubled times, caused by human indifference and natures fury. And while Indian Army is giving more than 500% rescuing, helping those who are affected, politicians are on a different tangent all together. The cartoon depicts the ugly fist fight two politicians got into, to decide who will get credit for rescuing the people of a particular state.


3) And oh safety of women is top on politicians agendas, don’t believe me, fine look at what an Aam aadmi ( common man) party neta said while asking for vote-


4)  If you are one of those who think Government is burdening you with unrealistic hike in prices of commodities, Think again you useless people!


5) Now the best for the last.  Due to shortage of toilets local administration has made it mandatory that Future grooms in Sehore district submit a picture of grooms along with their toilets to get registered for mass marriage ceremonies and avail benefits under MKY. And oh open toilets not accepted. whoaaa right!!


hmm Earth may be right , all these years of spinning on axis has affected us, Rotation thou Art bitchy

Take care every body, Men stop fussing over nothings like price hike and Women please don’t get raped- UNDERSTOOD!

(cartoons and posts ©2013

The Fifth Season

Wrote a summer ha-iku  😉

Summer Vacations

kids everywhere  you look

giggles rule world

There are five seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and Summer vacations.  Sadly the fifth season which kids love the most is all packed and ready to leave. And this time of year, just before the school re-opens for a new session, you get to see and hear all kinds of funny things all around. It is fun and a bit sad at times to see how parents  and kids deal with their holiday home works and prep for new sessions.

Am sharing some cartoons I made  which will make you laugh and think , hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them .

1) Please let the kids do their own work. As parents our duty is to guide them and teach them how to fly and not fly for them


2) Many schools burden their kids with excessive home work and ruin the holidays. Remember fun, play and rest are as important as studies

 If kids are stuck in school mindset
When will they get to explore
That which is most important – life?

~Stuart Young


3) Make plans and trash them 😉


4) Teachers are you ready .. 😆


wishing every heart a great fun week ahead 🙂

June Mantra-

 If you want change – CONTRIBUTE

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नानी ( Nani) A Tribute

Some weeks are hurricanes. They don’t give you time even to breathe. one thing after another more like chaos leading to chaos. First I fell sick and could not be in blogosphere for a very long period and then this 19th I lost my Grandmother ( maternal) my Nani, she as around 94.

How fast is becomes was…. sad and scary.

Nani ( Amma)

Nani (  Amma for every one,which means Mother) to me meant every thing good and comforting, her white Saree’s with thin borders, faint sweet smell of pink Vaseline, spic and span house everything in place , everything in order, her yummilicious pickles and marmalade’s and my beautiful summer vacations. she was an excellent cook and a giver. She lived for others, a beautiful generous resilient hurdle or hurricane could dampen her spirit and energy. Even in her last days the invictus in the frail body would get up and do things on her own as much as possible.
 Nani I will miss you a lot and up there amongst the brightest stars where I think I saw you yesterday, I wish you happiness and peace.
My Mom wrote a beautiful tribute and a haiku for my Nani. And when I was reading what she wrote about her mom I felt this was exactly how I felt about her( my mother), Supportive, encouraging, inspiring, best teacher,  gossip mate, fun friend and a lovely blogger.
she is a beautiful heart. Do stop by at her blog whenever you get time to read the tributes.
she is unpredictable ( in a good way) like me, today she wrote a poem on me. It is so funny and those who know me will agree it is a perfect description of this insane,eccentric silly  person that I am.
I am posting a verse of the poem here please do go to her blog to read the rest.
A Naughty Daughter’s Tale
“She knows everything,
Frogs don’t dream
Giraffe can’t scream
Snakes can’t hear
Crocodiles have tear
She knows everything,
Lions like chocolate mousse
Pythons drink carrot juice
Rabbits can climb the tree
Tigers watch movie if it’s free……..”
Wish you a lovely week  friends and don’t forget to call/hug you loved ones and tell them how much you love them. Cos you really never know when you will never get that chance to share that again ever…..

The Scars inside

how many times can you brush it off
the rude behaviour,the harsh voice
the scathing tones
still sympathising
I know him,he didn’t mean it
oh he is a bit rude
but has a clear heart
he is going through rough times
he did say sorry
how many times
did you….
Clutter talk
“oh you are too sensitive
why do you hold on to my words
i didn’t mean it
stop twisting things around
there you go again
told you you will fall
why do you make so many mistakes
why did you give me this chance
if you wanted you could have done so much more
what do you do all day long
if you were doing it the right way from the beginning
why did i find so many faults
give me this, bring me that
it is your duty,grow up
stop giving me excuses i have had enough
nothing is in its place
so what i couldn’t see things just in front
stop talking right now
and don’t interfere when i talk
you are good for nothing ,useless
 and still i am here
i don’t hit you ever
i am not like any other man
i take care of your needs
but you don’t deserve me at all”

why when who where what
endless questions
and curfew on your talk
how much of it will you take
how much should you….
how long will you let your ears and soul bleed
how long will you let them scar you inside
that next time you have been waiting for sista
has come and gone
when will you stand..
when will you voice your voice..
[Studies show that more women experience emotional abuse than physical violence. 35% of all women who are or have been in married or common-law relationships have experienced emotional abuse. In comparison, 29% of women have been physically assaulted by their male partners.
Forms of emotional abuse include dominance, humiliation, isolation, degrading self-worth, interrogation, name-calling, yelling, threats and coercion, intimidation, threatening harm on household pets and blaming abuse on the victim.  It can manifest in outright public verbal abuse or in abuse as subtle as economic control, which entails monitoring finances, withholding access to accounts and not allowing the victim to attend work or school.
The list of psychological effects of emotional abuse is tremendous, with the major diagnosed psychological disorders being anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders and suicide.  Self-blame, embarrassment, diminished self-worth, feelings of extreme dependence and defenselessness are all born of emotional abuse]
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