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Child Sexual Abuse AWARENESS Month- Childhood is about weaving Dreams not Living Nightmares

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..~ Proverbs31:8

April is National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month.

  • We need to get up and start working on this issue.
  • Join hands to secure this world for our kids.
  • Lot has to be done in this field,small and/or big scale.
  • Educating kids about Wrong and Right touches,
  • Talking to them more about it and again and agin till they understand they are surrounded by People who will Listen, People who Care, People who will Fight for them.
  • It is very important that a child has a SAFE EAR where they can go without hesitation and talk about their concerns. Be that safe ear.
  • WE live in a society where Victims of any abuse hide in shame and feel guilty whereas the real culprits roam around freely- this has to change, society has to change, we have to bring this change.


childhood should be carefree
fun, games, sand and puddles
childhood shouldn’t hurt
childhood shouldn’t be about wrong touches
‘ don’t tell your mom It’s our secret’
‘if you tell your parents they will think you are bad’
childhood shouldn’t be hiding under the bed
scared to come out,scared to face the world
childhood should be green and mud on knees
not blood and pain and nightmares
childhood should be playing with parents
asking them for stories and toys
not hiding from them
Childhood is about weaving dreams
not broken ones
A note to Parents and every one who Cares –
  • 1 out of 5 boys will be Sexually Abused by their 18th Birthday
  • 1 out of 3 Girls will be Sexually Abused by their 18th Birthday 
  •  A child is Sexually Abused every 2 minutes
  • Estimated 95% of children who are sexually Abused know the abuser, and in many cases, loves & trusts that person.
  • The Abuse may consist of a single incident or many acts over a long period of time.
  • It is more often perpetrated by someone known to the child.
  • Abuse may escalate over time,particularly is the abuser is is a family member.
  • You may be thinking…” That could never happen to my Child” sadly it can and does happen to kids…Never assume that just because you know where your child is and who they are with, That this could never happen to them. 
  • Never Assume that if this happens or is happening to your child that they would tell you.
  • Sexual Predators know how to silence Children and as a Parent, your understaing of this horrific crime is Imperative for your childs safety.



Child abuse is a community problem and its prevention can only succeed through  the involvement of social service agencies, schools, hospitals, religious and  civic organizations, law enforcement, the business community, and private  citizens
Be Careful Be Vigilant Be Active in your kids life
Listen to your kid
Watch people around them
Listen ANDInvestigate
And Fight
Fight with all you have- ‘if and when’
“The World is a Dangerous Place to live,not because of the people who are Evil, But Beause of the People who don’t do anything about it”
Albert Einstein
And although we are talking about prevention do click the link and read the Warning signs
( photo –
Soma Mukherjee

Autism – The Staring Strangers


Just imagine a day when You go out to a nearby store to buy grocery and wherever you go, eyes follow you, you can feel those eyes on you, looking at you, almost as if waiting for you to make a mistake and prove them right,  talking in a hush-hush voice, but you know it’s all about you, some stares of pity, some of disgust.

you leave the store go to a restaurant to eat,  order something and look forward to enjoying a great meal,trying to shrug off that eerie feeling in the shop earlier but the restaurant is no different, people are eating and their conversation has shifted from whatever they were discussing to you, they are looking at you the way kids look at a new animal in a zoo, talk about you watch your every move as if this is the first time they have seen a human eating..

Rest of the day no matter where you go what you do eyes follow you,and so do whispers….


This is a day in the life of most autistic kids and everyday of their lives they will have to live with these stares ..

and it wont change if you don’t,

you can’t change if your thinking doesn’t,

your thinking wont change if you do not educate yourself ..

Learn about people around you,learn how to live in a society where different people will live, some will be Autistic, some dyslexic, some both, mentally and/or  physically different from the “normal people”

Know that staring at some one makes them feel extremely uncomfortable, no matter what they say, it is rude..if you can’t care then don’t, but do not stare at people just cos they are different from you…


It is hard not to stare at things different but you have to know when to move on..for a parent trying to calm down their kid having a meltdown is not an easy task, they need all the space they can get at that moment, unsolicited advices from people who have no idea, telling them about disciplining kids is not going to help , in fact it will make the situation much worse fo the kid and the parents. Best help is to clear the area for a while and give them a breathing space and if you happen to be a special educator then you know what you have to do…

I am a mother of a lovely 13 year of girl with autism, she can pick up any tune on piano just by listening to it once, she is extremely computer savvy, she is a good singer and dancer and she is a very loving caring girl, she is all these and more and she is very sensitive… ….

she knows it when people are making fun of her, talking about her, laughing at her or staring  and all these things  upset her and when she is upset she never performs, never shows what she can do ..withdraws into a shell.

There are times when she gets irritated, like by the buzzing sound (bees or welding) or loud noise or a fight or when she is trying to communicate but no one around her is able to understand her and she cries and pushes anyone who tries to hug her…She is not being Rude, this is her asking for help, telling you something is bothering her a lot..

There are hundreds of kids like her , you may know one.

Next time you get to meet someone like my daughter in a small store, a restaurant or a shopping mall, different from ‘normal’ kids, let them be, you didn’t come all the way to this shop to stare at the kid, did you?

Different is not necessarily bad, sometimes we are scared of different just because we don’t know anything about it and when we get to know it we are surprised cos all of a sudden ‘the change,  the different’ is  not scary anymore. is evolving and so are traits in humans..some for good and  some may not be great but they are what they are..some of the rarely found traits or conditions are now seen more…what was 1 in 200 a few years back is now around 1 in 88….

This is Today,This is Future with a lot of things way different from when you were a kid ..

This is Life today, there will be more changes,  more  different tomorrow…

A beautiful story By Autumn, a must read-

The Purple Gummy Bear

(please share)

The Third eye of Mata Soma

In the beginning there was nothing and God said let there be light,but when the lights were switched on God saw a lot of Indians roaming around. It was shocking cos He had Adam and eve in his mind, but Indians had totally foiled his plans of launching those two people.

He asked the Indians what are you doing here and how did you come here before I could send my which one of the highly intellectual and well read Indian replied..excuse me God but we have more that 100 gods,why would we wait for you to send Adam and eve??

And this is how The Indian supremacy over the world began, so whenever i hear people saying oh Indians stole our jobs I say..what rubbish, more gods,more rights, which part is not clear?Indians were on this planet much much before Americans,English people and all other dubbed movie language people( like french,spanish) arrived from mars and venus.

And since we came early we also had time to compartmentalize gods like god for education,god for money,god for rain..we even have god for marriage..that is the reason why we are getting married all the time and have such a huge population..why we have god for that too,i mean to have kids..we have god for everything…and also we have had enough time to develop our third eye…

( A note to people making fun of Indians – you guys with one God puhleease we were performing miracles when you were learning to make fire)

Now many Gods also means many God-men too not the ones in temples,but the self-proclaimed ones..who after trying everything under the sun have finally understood they were sent here to con people

BTW Con is a bad word for English people and other dubbed  movie language people not for we take pride in conning.

After almost 39 years on this planet I finally understood all the why’s and what’s too and so I have decided to rename my self MATA SOMA and booked a big hall which will be known as —


here I will meet my devotees, listen to their grievances and bless them.

It really is very simple and easy and  if you want to know more and join me later in my pledge to spread love and money as far as possible,why you have come to right place.I have been watching all the babas and matas closely for quite sometime and am sure I know everything.

Here are some examples of how I will solve the problems

Devotee 1– Mata I am 29-year-old and not getting married. have met four girls and all of them rejected me,now even the milk man makes fun of me . what should I do ??

Mata(me): tell your milk man he was a donkey in his previous life and order him to bray and then distribute red framed sunglasses to all the girls in neighbourhood for free. with in a month you will get married.

Devotee 2: Mata I am 49-year-old and still very poor and my boss pays me peanuts what to do?

Mata: Hmm this will require special blessings..put some money in that mans pocket( could be you if you join me 🙂 ) and offer 5 litres of peanut oil to your boss. he will increase your salary.

Devotee 3: Mata I am 78-year-old and still no child( at this point lot of gasps will be heard but not because she is old trying to have kid but because how useless is a woman who cannot bear a child)

Mata: come here child you need a hug…( my devotees will sing matas hug destroying the bug song)now tell me child I will ask..why do I see a cow around you…

Devotee3 : no mata I don’t have a cow

Mata: no there is a cow, may be your parents have had it

Devotee:  no mata no one in our family has ever had a cow

Mata what rubbish your ancestors were always living in city or what….somewhere between cave men and modern man one of your ancestors had a cow….

Devotee: speechless

Mata: donate two cows of same blood line as the one your ancestors had to a poor man and with in a month you will have a child.

Devotee: but Mata where will I find a cow of same bloodline

Mata: where there is a will there is a cow

impressive haan

all i need is a few indians to be my people…you know wearing some special outfit and do good PR and get me a prime time slot on television…

Phoren people, my friends in need, please help me out here I will get a lot of popularity if i will have some of you guys as my followers..also you can write about the blessing that i am and the miracles that i perform, in your blogs  🙂

If you read the tags you will find parenting,cos by doing this you will be setting up an excellent example for your kids too 🙂

A suggestion to wordpress people please understand Baba is not babes and do not try to correct my spelling everytime…its very Racist 😯

kindly contact me asap at my email id_

मन्त्रपुस्तिका ( book of spells)

अनाहूतः प्रविशति अपृष्टो बहु भाषते ।
अविश्वस्ते विश्वसिति मूढ़चेता नराधमः ॥२॥
(महाभारत उद्योगपर्व विदुरप्रजागर, अ० ३२)
Anahootah pravishati aprishto bahu bhasatey ।
 avishvaste vishvasiti moodhacheta naradhamah ॥
Taken from mahabharata,this verse means A wretched fool can be recognized by the following three characteristics – going to places uninvited, talking too much when not asked, trusting the unworthy. – Vidura, Mahabharata)
Bonita( my daughter) was diagnosed with Autism when she was around 2-2.5 yrs of age and when people around came to know about it some of them just felt we needed black magic or spells to “cure” autism.
someone told us to feed her the leftovers of a talking bird or parrot, or boil some pulses in a special bowl and keep in the southwest corner of house.,or keep a key under her pillow this will unlock her brain…or go to this baba or chant that spell…..the list is long as this went on for a while.
If you know me you will also know I listened to all of them, went home laughed over it and never ever tried any of those stupid things.( also it is a good thing if you slowly distance yourself from these people if they keep pestering you with unsolicited crap)
I mean I love my kid I can and will do anything for her but there is a limit to everything and superstitions have never been and are not going to be part of my life…..
That was then but now when i remember those advices i can’t resist a chuckle.
The reason I wrote this post today is because I am planning to write book …it will be about spells and how they make your life easy breezy and smooth. Also there is no harm in giving back to the society what I got from it …but before i can start the work I thought of  sharing some of my brilliant ideas with all of you and get some expert advice on whether I am going on the right track or not…..
The three most important things to know before you start reading this post
1) never make fun of spells
2) do not share your magic candles with anyone unless you hate them
3) keep a diary of spell you have used, for second time users there is a discount of sorts
who can benefit from this book
those who hate hard work or any work for that matter.
those who want to become famous by doing nothing
those who want to become rich fast and easy
those who want to smuggle or rob and never get caught
who doesn’t hate exams…..I don’t know who started this evil ritual or  what was wrong with that guy and why we burden our kids with it year after year,but since nothing good in this field is going to happen in our life time, might as well study. OR
Before taking a test or exam, say the following:

Today is my test
tests are like pests
teachers are worse
studies are curse
Get me an A,
cos so I say
Earth, wind, fire, and sea
As I  Say, So Mote It Be!”

* It also helps to draw a pentagram on your test  paper and write your name and phone number

Not only you are jobless and your dog gives you THE LOOK , no one in your family has ever being filthy rich so what are your chances,..Isnt it heart breaking that none of the rich people leaving millions for charity or their kids, have ever known you, being related to you or even considered you a charity case!!!

for all you poor people ( literally and otherwise) this is the least I can do for you

Before going to the interview place three grains of salt ( and I mean 3 grains using electron microscope or whatever)in a handkerchief  and put it in your pocket. when the interview is going on, distract the  interviewer saying hey whats that and when he/ they look somewhere else throw the salt into  the north corner of the room. Within three days you will have the job.

* it also helps if before leaving the room you leave a chit for them with the following written on it and oh never forget to draw a pentagram

give me this job you fool
don’t make me lose my cool
if I don’t get this job
you are the first one I will rob
earth wind fire and sea
as I say so mote it be


I know I know I can see that eager grin so let’s get on to it

Take a piece of parchment paper and draw a pentacle in the  center and write the following under it-

Refrigerator how dare thee

Stay Invisible To Me

While writing concentrate on yourself at the desired weight you have  in mind. Attach the paper to the fridge, until you reach your goal. oh and yes secure your fridge by drawing a circle of salt around it


This is something I have made after going through some 100,000 old magic spells
if this doesn’t work you are in wrong body,country or planet, but its not my fault at all.
First choose a background with four candles on four corners of you blog something like this
Do not use this candle cos i have cursed it and who ever uses it will never be able to rhyme again
Once you have done it choose a header with pentagram or make one, but it has to be of your hair colour, in case you do not have hair,go for hair grafting and then start blogging.
Do not forget to get a witch widget and flaunt it on the top right/left of the widget coloumn
and post this mantra in your about me section
“I the owner of this blog
all set to sacrifice 25 frogs
give me more followers oh spell
may those who follow me never go to hell
Earth, wind, fire, and sea
As I Say, So Mote It Be!”
Now here is the thing, where will you get 25 frogs from and even if you do how will you dispose them off.You can donate it to a lab, but frogs will be cursed and there are chances students dissecting them will fail.
you can always dump them in a pond or river,but since the frogs are cursed pond or river may dry.
so the best option is get 25 e-frogs and drop them in an e-well ( doesn’t that sounds great)
and in 25 minutes you blog shall receive hundreds and thousands of followers
people will praise you…
so what do you think, should I continue writing the book,do you think it will be a best seller(  i mean of course it will be, i am not going to write a book on spell and not write a spell for its success)
How many of you are going to buy this book?
Are there any special spells you would like to see in this book?
and can you also suggest a good tittle for the book?
Wish you all a great day, and if you are wondering how..take some rock salt add in dragon blood and throw it  on every one around 🙂
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