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Hugs,Smile and Chance- a fairy tale

I used to teach in a school, it was a kind of arrangement that worked out well for both my daughter and the school. They were taking good care of my daughter ( those days it was near to impossible to get an autistic kid in a normal school set up..still is but we are working on that) and I in turn used to help them out . During the short teaching career I taught science, geography, drama and dance. But my main job was to help out kids with learning disabilities( dyslexic,autistic,and other kids with learning difficulties)
following are just a few incidents from those days ……
“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”   
  ―   G.K. Chesterton
life is a dance i said
every one dances
even the ones with two left feet?
asked a kid
cos I can’t dance
oh they are brilliant you see i said
for anyone can dance but to dance like you
now that is hard
the kid looked at me and then laughed and said
OK i will teach you mine and you teach me yours
so we danced to every music on the CD that day
he learned to dance pretty soon
and me oh i am still learning
its hard to unlearn you see 🙂
life is a song
every one sings i said
even the ones who don’t follow the beat?
asked the kid
cos i cant sing like others
oh anyone can sing like them i said
but to be you its hard will you please teach me
and we sang every thing we could that day
and the kid is now a lead singer in one of the bands
and me well it really hard to be that different you see 🙂
life is a drama i said
every one acts
even the one who freeze?
the kid asked i do well in rehearsals but
out in front of people i cant say a thing
oh its easy to say some lines i said
but to know what you can’t and ask for help is brave
let’s do one thing
start with helping others say their lines
and you stand out in open
and then slowly one day we will get you into the play
and the kid today is  doing pretty well in plays and debates
and me oh well i cant freeze i just have too much to say all the time you see 🙂
ever wondered how a little encouragement
and warm smile makes such huge impact on a kids life
well try it
don’t force anything on anyone
just a friendly push is all that they need
some will start early
some will be late bloomers
some will do it in no time at all
and some will take months
but they all have something
all they need is patience, hugs, smile and chance
we can give them all that
can’t we 🙂

The News Just In

Life is full of breaking news.. in the television, on the roads, relationships, and …….

Do you have kids?? Well then you must know what breaking news

Really mean.

And of all the explanations ever given on the incidents kids can and will come up with the most ground breaking excuses for the ones they create.

This post is a dedication to those cute little pranksters –


And there is breaking news

That we are reporting live

This is going to break a lot of hearts

But the truth has to be told

Little Ben painted his little brother yellow and red

When he was sleeping in his cot last night

And this morning Ben was going to wipe his Brother’s face clean

Before mom and dad could see that

But got caught

And then one thing led to another

You know how parents have nose and sixth sense stronger than a wolf or a dog.

Crumbs of cake mom baked last night were found in Ben’s cupboard

And even when Ben told them it was eaten by a Tiger named Pine,

No one believed ( it’s a cruel world out there)

And they found the broom he broke last night( under his bed) fighting aliens

But they refused to believe it too

However there are reports some other kids (Ben’s friends) have seen aliens last night too!

They are all willing to testify!

And there were some paper planes in dads trash can which made dad pretty angry

Ben took it from his file but only to make them look better

According to our sources dad is jealous of Ben’s creativity

When asked how he could end up doing all that in one night Ben said it is his duty to protect his house and he was doing just that

As for the paint he said he wanted the aliens to be scared of his lil brother


What do you think please post your reactions in our twitter account #theamads

So they made Ben write which looks like an essay on

“Things I should never ever try”

The news just in-

Ben has broken all records by writing another “Things I should never ever try”

(Oh boy! When a kid writes apology for second time…)

But this time with his friends on their tree house

They all wanted to make the entire event flawless for next time

New resolutions passed/new treaties signed on the tree house-

1)  Never eat cake in the cupboard eat it in the kitchen

2)  Broken brooms/dusters should be thrown out of window

3)  Any craft made from dads files should be thrown in the trash can outside

4)  And baby brother’s face should not be painted in the night

There have been unconfirmed reports that when the kids came down after making such historic decisions they found nosey Sean Pentucky standing near the tree

And when he threatened them to disclose all the new secrets

He was told they knew who ate all the cookies in this house last week

And who put a frog in Melisa’s tiffin box..

That took care of the problem…..for now

What a historic day

For the weather reports stay tuned in…

Also coming up after the break who killed Humpty Dumpty


When I was a kid
i wanted to become a pirate
sail to far away lands
find treasure troves
and fight the sea dragons
when i was a kid
i wanted to become a knight
Flash huge swords and win wars
kill the bad kings
and save people from monsters
when i was a kid
i wanted to become a detective
solve cases like nancy drew
help the police
and earn a badge
when i was a kid

i wanted to become a teacher
who would understand kids just like me
who would listen to us
and help us understand our dreams
when i was a kid
i wanted to grow up
do a lot of things
yet not change a bit
and that i did
and became a story teller
tell me one thing that is not possible
and i will weave you a story
of how it can be done
that is the beauty
when the kid inside
never says good bye
for the kid inside
every thing is magical
everybody is somebody
every dream is important
and nothing is impossible
if only you would believe
so if you are like me
   who belives in magic and dreams
come let’s weave stories together
  and give others new dreams
   if you are not like me but do like me
  let’s share and see how far our dreams go
and if you are not like me and do not like me
oh boy the things i have for you
in my bag
you would not believe 🙂
* Kato’Ki means, “Lets help each other” in Cakchiquel, the Mayan language spoken by the people in Patzun.


We started the journey(सफ़र)

Of the known and unknown

The day we were born

The day we shook hands with death

And agreed to meet him somewhere in between

Or in the end as he called it

And then spent the life wishing never to see him again

Somewhere in this journey we found ourselves

We lost ourselves

We understood, got confused

And in this journey

we trusted God

we blamed God

Ignoring, avoiding, being indifferent to suffering around

And still hoped and prayed for his mercy

Somewhere in this journey

We became rebels

 Stood for values

 Fought for one

 Agreed with none

Stood up for something’s

And regretted not standing for that one

Somewhere the hope died

Somewhere a new shoot was born

Rainbow failed to show up

Sun peeked through heavy clouds

Somewhere in this journey we found love

Lost it, all heart broken

To be filled with love and warmth again

Or may be never

Some rivers found their oceans

Some lost their route or the zest

Somewhere in the journey

                                                          Some found courage,

                                               some lived with conscience muted

Some wrote, some listened

Some got married and some..

Well some of them still say single makes sense

Some lived happily ever after

And some never found out what it was

And in these alleys of the life we travelled

                                              We ran, we gave up and sat for a while

And in these alleys of life we expressed

Sometimes we howled out loud

   Sometimes we muffled the screams and the laughter

And just let our body talk

And in these alleys of life we lived

Dying every night

Coming to life every morning

Wishing for more, hoping for less

What ever worked…

And in these alleys of life

We met death

Some called him, embraced him

And some begged for another chance

Sometimes he came straight to us

And sometimes he just shook hands and said

Some other time

And in these alleys life ended

 life began..


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