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Hashtag Boogart
There will never be another ghost like him
So full of vim, So driven by whim
Munching on toasts, Haunting the coasts
Hashtag Boogart
Huge Grunge fan , sporting Tattoos and Tan
used to live with me not so long ago
He was scared of the Boos (sometimes of his own)
Shivered and sweated everytime he heard a Coo
Felt dizzy at the sight of Jimmy choos and Candy yoos
He was scared of everything that had a double O
even the toos, the Loos, and the Moos
Boogart was scared of zoos
and there was nothing I could do for him
He hated ducks and drakes
Despised the designer fakes
Scowled at the screeching sound of sudden brakes
He hated everything that rhymed with snakes
even the cakes, the lakes and the snow flakes
Boogart was scared of  zoos
Boogart hated milk shakes
and there was nothing , oh nothing
I could ever do for him
He would get cramps just looking at leams
Break in hives if he accidental feasted on breams
Sneeze and wheeze if exposed to steams and screams
He was allergic to everything that had ‘eams’
even the fleams, the up streams and the creams
Boogart was scared of zoos
hated milkshakes
was allergic to dreams
and oh unlucky me
I could never ever ever do anything for him

Poor Boogart hiding as a wallpaper after some kids shouted boo at him.

That is why last Friday
people from
The Ghost Welfare Committee ( T.G.W.C)
took him away from me
I live alone in my, now not so haunted mansion
while Hashtag Boogart
once my pet Ghost
lives in a zoo
with ice creams on every menu
and is given a bed made of cornflakes.
Hashtag Boogart
I miss him toogart.
©2013Soma Mukherjee
My Dear Dearest Friend  STUART visited Boogart in the zoo and this is what he had to say-
Alas poor Boogart, I visited him there.
In the zoo, where everyone stared.
‘Boo us ghosty’ – how the crowd howled.
But poor Boogart simply scowled.
He tried to tell them to get out of there.
But the sound that they heard was breeze in the air.
Misery, blisery, booing and hoo
Poor Boogart doesn’t belong in a zoo.
A mansion with webs,
Hanging down from the stairs,
Is where he belongs.
He’d be happier there.
~ Stuart (
( This Blog is protected by FBI,RAW,CBI,MI6 AND X-MEN and WOMBIES)

what an incredibly true story

once there was a bad luck man
people called him Mr.Jinx
which of course was not his real name
but when you spread bad luck where ever you go
No one calls you by your real name
and wherever he went
people suffered,lost bets
got married( which no one is sure is good or bad)
they fought,they melted, they froze
even the frogs in the nearby pond sang
Mr jixn is a horrible terrible wretched kretched bile vile man

Don't go by the picture,they are really sad

The kind people of STIKITIPOOG
gave him refuge
but as soon as he entered the town
the sheriff broke his leg falling form the bed
his wife ran away with the cobbler of the town
the cat woofed and the crows oinked
and the donkeys..nah they didn’t change( how bad is that!)
all because the bad luck man was there
and snakes of the jungle hissed around and sang
Mr jinx is a horrible terrible wretched kretched bile vile man

I say hiss,Mr Jinx is an alien

The people of TUMPLETOKEN took it as a challenge
they invited him to stay over for the weekend
but no sooner did Mr Jinx enter the town
the cows stopped giving milk
the horses started knitting sweaters
the beer tasted like Orange juice
and little katty started laughing like a hyena( oh my! a girl with that laugh)
all because he was  a bad luck man
and the witches of the north then sang
Mr Jinx is a horrible terrible wretched kretched bile vile man
The people of CRUMPLECOTH were followers of Satan
they said no one can harm them at all
but Mr jinx was going to shock them all
for as soon as he stepped in the town
Satan grew angel wings and a halo( imagine the shock)
and the men, well i cant write about it here( but they all hid in their cellars for a long long time)
the kids started writing epics( this can never be good)
the  ants laid ostrich egg
it was mess in the CRUMPLECOTH
and the vampires watched all this in horror and  sang
Mr Jinx is a horrible terrible wretched kretched bile vile man

Mr Jinx will go to hell

And every where he went
things went wrong
hyenas cried whole time
crocodiles became vegetarians
and ate the entire amazon
It was getting worse and this I shared with my friend
But she smiled and said
Gottcha Ants can’t lay eggs,they are mammals

Well excuse me! But I caught your lie
Ants don't lay no eggs

In the ruins of Bhangarh

Most would start this story from the very beginning but something tells me to first show you this Last diary entry of some boys who went missing….

“I woke up at 7 am to find myself in the middle of nowhere, turns out we’d lost the way back and my friend who was driving had parked the car and dozed off. Boy, he must have gone through crazy shit. But now, it was daylight, we felt safer, though we had no clue where we were and there were no people around! There was no mobile network, so we couldn’t make calls. That was still manageable, but the car? it would not start!”

A search party went looking for these boys but no success…only their car, a camera and a diary with these notes scribbled were found. Apparently, they visited the place for a night of ghost hunting.

It’s said those who do not respect life,
Never get respect after death
For life and death are two lovers cursed never to meet
Just like shores of a river in which flows our souls
And it’s this curse which keeps these two lovers forever longing for each other that has also cursed the souls who died of betrayal, wandering in the Human realm forever looking for peace and a way out
And the places they once used to live and died are forever haunted by their presence

This is one such story

Of life and death

Of hauntings, of missing people

Of curses, of myths, of beliefs

This is the story of Bhangarh

A place so haunting that finding a sign of human life before sunrise and after sunset is almost impossible and those who dared and challenged the notices and warnings have never been seen again.

Bhangarh is in Rajasthan state of India, known for its ruins, but still worth a visit; the place is beautiful and tranquil. What remains though, is a shadow of a once beautiful kingdom.

Many locals and visitors claim that they have witnessed paranormal activities – like sounds of music and dancing and weird color spots in photographs of chambers

First Notice says no one will be allowed in the ruins before sunrise and after sunset

The biggest thing is that as per Govt. of India rule there has to be an office of Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) beside every historical structure in India. But even Government authorities couldn’t dare to open an office there and they opened their office about one kilometer away from the ruins of Bhangarh.

Of the several stories floating around in the Bhangarh air-

One of story goes is of Guru Balu Nath who sanctioned the establishment of the town

“The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more!” said Balu Nath

But one of the descendants of palace raised it and its shadow on Balu Nath’s retreat caused destruction and death, earning his wrath

Balu Nath is said to lie buried there to this day in a small Samadhi.

Another story is of beautiful princess of Bhangarh Ratnavati

A story of cursed beauty-

In Bhangarh lived a tantrik (a magician well versed in the occult,) named Singhia

Who was in love with the princess but knew he was no match

 Singhia used his black magic on the oil being brought for the princess

And he waited for the princess to touch the cursed oil

A magic that would make princess surrender herself and run to him.

The princess, however, saw tantrik enchanting the oil, and foiled his plan by pouring it on the ground.

As the oil struck the ground it turned into a boulder, which crushed Singhia.

Dying, the magician cursed the palace with the death of all who dwelt in it.

The next year there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh in which Princess Ratnavati perished.

No one knows which of the stories to believe but over the years the hauntings have left many people missing, and even those who do visit in broad day light feel an eerie restless air around..

The local folks say that due to a curse the whole town was vacated overnight. According to the story of the curse, if the town was ever rediscovered the township would not be found, but only temples would show up. And none of the houses of that period have roofs on them

True to the story only temples dot the landscape and even far up on the mountains only shrines can be seen. It is said that once you have broken the rule and gone to the ruins after dark there is no way back….

Any place with great historical past inspires us, fills us with a sense of pride and wonderment but castles or palaces haunted and colored with myths or real stories of death immediately connect us with the tortured souls….. such is the power of death and life after it..

How strange is it?

This year I will visit this place to connect with the souls I have read so much about

and will defintely write about it….till then

“…..No Heaven can come to us
Unless Our hearts find rest in it today
           Take Heaven
No peace lies in the future
that is not hidden in this present instant
            Take Peace
The gloom of the world is but a shadow.
Behind it,yet within our reach is joy
             Take Joy……..”

-Fra Giovanni in 1513

The Fog Whisperer

Yes the foggy cold winter has arrived and how….
winter is meaner and scarier this time
The fog,the dead cold mornings and nights
and the creepy eerie hush hush that sets the spooky tone..
time to write some more spooky ghost stories or poems
which ever gives me goosebumps first.
what ever quenches this undying thirst
got to tell you this is no ordinary quest
once you start writing they will not let you rest
but you got to know who you are going to write about
stop and step back if you are not sure if you are having doubts
hell is not kind to people who don’t know their poison
so here i am confident and all decked up
I will walk alone on these lonely nights,
pick up the crumbs left in the dark and
cook up some stories which will give you fright
I can’t help but write when ghosts guide my hand
lets start from where and when it all begun… guys not Adam and Eve
its about my childhood and that one night which changed every thing
and i became this ghost spotter that i am today
Ghost hunter is different,hunters are those who hunt
I don’t have to, they are among us all the time
and a good spotter can see through them clearly( most of the times
so lets travel back a bit
on such cold nights or dark foggy days we would snuggle in front of fire
have cuppas full of warmth and love and enjoy tales of the crypt
but what we didn’t know and neither did the story tellers..
was that the more you talk about them more it becomes easy for them
to break the barrier of the living and dead holding the
“they are talking about me” card….
And we the curious brats that we were would exchange
every naughty plan in return of creepy story
one such night some one told us the story of the village of the ghosts

Loooong story short

once in a village there was some kind of fever outbreak
the villagers calls for help were ignored
and all of them died waiting for help but no one came
and since then who ever visited the village out of curiosity and/or stupidity
or may be calling of the reaper,were seriously haunted and chased away
And the brave ones and reporters( brave or otherwise) were eaten up.

The graveyard rule         

As A graveyard rule ghosts never eat people with
weak heart,constipation,loose motion,gas,acidity,lawyers and politicians
what if you are or become what you eat?
A farting burping lying ghost is more gross than scary
Oh the things they would do to chase people with these conditions..
they would stretch their hands endlessly to get fruits from far away
trees,or catch fish from a far away river
and those who survived these antics were given a special treat of
” your neighbours head stuffed with fresh veggies”,
“hod dog made from the intestine of the person you were talking to a second ago” ,
“special wine made from last batch of people who visited the village”
Oh the ghosts had a sense of humour all right to name the people alive in
“coming soon” recipe list.


 anyways most would fall asleep while listening to the story,
but not me, no sir and that’s why I have always been on every ghosts ‘to eat’ list
As I told you earlier, the more I heard stories
more the ghosts got access to my life
and closer they were to me
if only i knew……
I often wonder what would i have chosen had i known this..
would i have settled for just a fairy tale?
Nope don’t think so…curious cats never change
That night after the story telling was over and every one was fast asleep i
was tossing and turning on my bed  and thinking about how exciting my
life would be if i could meet or see at least one ghost in my life time.. when
i heard a thud and someone yelp for help
I went out to check( one mistake every human dying early on in a ghost
story or a horror movie does)
i saw nothing so i went out a bit further… ooh it was cold alright and
the air was wearing an eerie silence
one look at the fog and i knew tonight was going to be spooky special.
The fog was approaching me fast and i was frantically thinking of doing
something like running back inside my house
but my legs just wouldn’t listen
the fog was a pace or two away from me
when i said i want to know who is going to eat me..
i want to be eaten by the bravest spirit
the fog stopped…phew
slowly shapes started appearing
and then started the fight which could be named the “fighting spirits” or
the “die hard again”
there is something in common between the dead and the living..
The “who has more” or “bigger” leads real fast to bitching and fighting
Anyways while they were fighting for the highly acclaimed award of
“the brave one eats this girl”
i was on some other track
will they feed on my body or soul
will i be called a living dead or a ghoul
or may be i will completely disappear from the face of the earth
with no soul and  body left how will i ever earn a  rebirth
oh my thoughts were killing me and that sir was not a good time or spot to
i could have run away as my legs were responding now but i thought this
is my one time and i ain’t no shying away.
they were still in fight mode so i asked them to tell me their stories
and the one with the most interesting story will win this contest
and get to eat the yummy me
and so began the story telling sessions…
we cried and laughed and cursed together
have you ever seen a beautiful morning sky with sun and moon together..
this was that moment
One by one they started disappearing crossing over to the light
They were ghosts tormented, trapped in past
All they wanted was an eager ear and as they poured their grievances
and we talked they crossed the line and disappeared
Since then i am a very sought after ghost spotter
and they call me The Fog Whisperer

 Hey Wait!

But as always there is more
not all ghosts want to cross the line
there are in fact a lot who want to avenge their death
and revenge is their one and only agenda
i really cant help them and boy are they angry with me
the good ones help me but for how long i am not sure
they cross the line to the light and i am all alone
the bad ones have now been here for so long
that they have got their own shadows
and even the thickest fog cant hide a evil shadow
spot them and run for you life
as fast as you can
so the winter, the fog and the silent nights have returned
they will haunt me
they will challenge me to see if i can stand firm on my ground
they will try their best to scare me
some will succeed some wont
and i will be  praying and hoping to get out alive
but i have made a promise to myself
every morning that i am alive i will write about them
will be back soon( hope so)
till then watch your back
and after 10 pm open the door only after the bell rings thrice
And oh contrary to popular belief ghosts are not scared of garlic…..
Take aloe Vera, bitter gourd,bottle gourd,pumpkin,spinach,coriander seeds
and a glass of milk make a pie and keep it on southwest corner of your house to
scare away the ghosts.
No the ghosts are not scared of the dish …they just wont want to deal with someone who may be having this pie..that’s all.
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