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Bafflerom Trufflecom

In the town of shakeyobum
lives a very lazy man named Tom Tum.
Lazy lazy lazy he is from head to toe
Crazy Crazy this lazy man with no friend or foe
Not that he had a lazy Dad or Mom
or was hit by a lazy bomb
or was this lazy from day one
or has being playing lazy just for fun,
he once have a very active life style
would get up early, do yoga and run for miles
But one night he was tired and late to sleep
and next day irritated by the clock’s beep
he cursed and broke the alarm clock
and after that never got up
This Thanksgiving I went to his town
and asked everyone The Smiths,The fells and The Browns
and all those who once knew him well
Julie, Robbins, Gilbert, Tim and Bell
pointed at his house and said
look at that creepy house dirty yellow with a broken gate,
There lives our ex-friend The very lazy Tom
who wont move even if attacked by the devil Zomzom.
Thinklepom, Crazycrom, Pimplehom,Jabberbom
who is this devil Zomzom ?
What if Zomzom is a dinosaur, the most dangerous one at that
or cats with bad temper who treat every lazy guy like a fish or a rat
or a crocodile or an alligator or may be a bear who is also a vampire
or a dragon who drinks lazy shakes,spews venom and breathes fire
that will be so much fun don’t you think so
a lazy guy being chased by a zombie crow
Trickipom, Sobberchomp, Maniacom or Flabbernom
Zomzom is coming, let’s  pray for the poor lazy Tom
MY FRIEND STUART ART from Change Your Life  just reported-
Poor poor lazy Tom Tum,
was in the night bit by an IdleGlum.
It was not he that chose to slouch,
around his house and on the couch.
Twas the IdleGlum’s bite that made him that way,
and that’s why he’s lazy right up to this day.
Poor poor Tom Tum.
Fear not my love for poor Tom Tum.
His soul he gave to Idleglum.
So day by day his head would say,
“I think I’ll yet be lazy today”.
And if the time for work may come;
I’ll tell the truth of old Tom Tum.
He doesn’t cry and would not whine; just lays about
and plays about and prays while on his bum.
For Idle Tom; The Old Tom Tum  has seen the heart of Idleglum
and knows that though he would be free; and live a life of use;
He needn’t worry overmuch or fret about excuse;
For Idleglum when once he bites;
Sets no man free till death; his night.
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