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“so this is what it looks like, huh”
“the end of the world”
“who said its end, how do you..
“look around you fool,yesterday was a Friday, A Friday, and today a Monday. where is the weekend?”
Dear everybody and People from outer space. Something terrible horrible happened in out Town of Gokakakpapa. Someone stole our weekend . This Thursday I saw it dancing with Friday and on Friday I saw it getting ready to date Saturday. One moment it was there, why I even waved and smiled at it but today we got up and found a Big Blue Monday in the Town.
Mr.Herg from the farm said anything is possible now a days, Mrs. Hexel called for the top Voodoo officials and Tantrik Babas from faraway land to solve this end of the world problem. Every one seemed to know someone who knew how to solve this problem and in the mean time I tried to find out what could have happened to the weekend. It really could have been anything….
Spider thought weekend was a fly and caught it in its net
Cat thought it was a mouse and killed it as soon as they met
Dog thought it was a ghost and barked and chased it out of the town
Squirrels cracked it open cos they looked nutty and brown
Cows were hungry and thirsty, they grazed on it to keep their cool
And sheep’s, you never know what they can hide beneath all that wool
What if weekend went for a walk and took a wrong turn
Or went to a carnival stayed there forever to have all the fun
Today was supposed to be a weekend and I didn’t know what to do,
Saturday and Sunday didn’t show up and no one had a clue
where is weekend
That is when we heard about Wombats-
experts in all kinds of combats,
They know how to win and change the glum 
with marshmallow’s, chocolates and wine gums.
They are wombats
They are wombats
your new age superman
They are clever
they are smart
they are fast
They always have a game plan
They are Wombats
And I knew Soma who knew Fraz The Funny Clever Wombat. The moment they heard about our problems they flew in the next second in their Chocomarshmellow Superduper trooper powered space ship and told us to take a chill with chocolate milkshake and before we knew Our weekend was restored back with all its zing.
Oh but what a shame, that our Weekend was under the huge pile of garbage lying all around in the city !! Poor poor Saturday and Sunday all stinky and dishevelled. Our superheroes Binky,Winky,Twink & Fraz re-charged and refreshed the weekends with chocotrooper superpower and even showed us how to keep the city clean.
They sang us this lovely song-
If you don’t keep your city clean
if you don’t take care of your Town
you drive away all the good vibes
and in stays quarrels and frowns
so pick up that wrapper and throw it in the bin
and next time you see a dirt
don’t wait for someone else to clean
clean you town
clean your town
polish it in and out
love your town
keep it clean
and hug the colour green
And in todays papers
The Times– Wombats , of course they did it..
The Guardian– With Wombats nothing is lombat, they do is fast, we hope the city learnt something
Daily Mirror– We Want Wombats to rule the world, we want world leaders to learn from them, hey Mr. President are you listening ?
Have fun People and remember clean city happy city
and oh
TGWHW-( Thank God We Have Wombies)

October Festivals in India and Wombat day

October has been kind so far, not without the allergies and flu’s, but kind and with many reasons to celebrate. The Bengali‘s  are gearing up for Durga puja ( celebrating goddess Durga‘s victory over the evil demon Mahishasur) others are decorating pandals for RamaNavmi ( the period when Lord Ram ( Ramayana) killed The king of demons Ravana ( lot of cultures celebrate differently and have a slightly different versions).

Durga Idol in Vizag Durga Puja

Both are 10 days of grand celebrations, Festival of colours, food, people of streets, tons of shopping  and laughter..but food comes first.
And If you thought Indian food is all about curries then think again..
Go for Luchi and Kosha mangsho, Macher chop, Mochar ghonto, Devils chop, Patishapta, Rashogulla, Payesh, Shondesh …..oh I can go one and this will be a very big post.
We Bengali’s are known for our passion for Food,Songs,Dance and Books… Next time you want to try Indian food, ask for some Gujarati/ Bengali/South Indian  sweets and savouries, trust me you will forget the curries.
But October this year has given me one more reason to be happy, 22nd of this month is World Wombat day and its a big day not just for my lovely friends the Wombies from  but all of us part Wombies too 🙂
It will be  day of fun, humour, chocolates, marshmallows, spams, double chocolates, triple chocolates, death by chocolates, crazychoco delights and love, in short everything that can make this world a better place.
So while Mrs.Bee stings everybody in town,
Mr.Grr never stops finding fault every adjective,verb and noun
Tom and Brady hallucinate being in star wars
& Peter and Mash dream and fantasize about turbo power flying cars,
Sarah prays day and night for a magical moonstone
And Jason spends whole day perfecting macaroons and scones
Humpty Dumpty enjoy a  fight between werewolves and vampires
and Doomsday Preppers get ready for the alien attacks  on the human empire
while politicians keep making promises trying to win the polls
and everything else is hacked every now and then by the  trolls
let us for this one day forget everything and enjoy the day with chocolates and Wombats.
I made this short promotional teaser for those who want to know more,  its  a 2 minute clip so please do watch it.and do not forget to visit the wombies and book your seat( its free )
I surf around in wombie land even when it is not a cartoon day,there is so much fun. And if you don’t see me there then know that there is something seriously wrong on my side. Being the extremely considerate blogger that I am I  have a wombie absent chart prepared for you.
This will tell you why I may be missing from all the wombania fun.
  1. Didn’t comment on wombie cartoon once- i am sick
  2. Missed the second cartoon too- very very sick
  3. what!!!! not there for the 3rd cartoon 😯 –  kidnapped..send a search party guys!
  4. nope didnt show up for the fourth time in a row- read prayers for my departed soul ( damn she was a great soul, Why god why)
  5. sudden come back after being absent for a long interval- released from jail ( hey i aint no saint )
so now you know every thing about everything, do visit Wombania on 22nd for fun and try a different Indian cuisine next time 🙂
wish you all a lovely weekend 🙂

The Magnificent world of Wombies

All of us have a fun-loving sweet Wombie in us. And the day each and every one of us gets in touch with that wombat inside,world will be a beautiful place.Are you ready for this beautiful change?
How many of you have had a very clear dramatic before and after life know, the one where you meet some one or get/read something and your life changes forever. I have, so i know how it feels. it’s a beautiful chocolate rainbow world ever since I met the very cute funny super intelligent Wombies…
what? you don’t know who Wombies are?? you are kidding right?
Anyways before I proceed let me tell you and this has been scientifically proven that wombies were the first ones to inhabit this planet. Of course back then it was a chocolate planet with chocolate moon and wine gum stars and marshmallow mountains and clouds and white and dark chocolate rivers and oceans, trees gave beautiful chocolate and marshmallow fruits.
In short it was a planet made for wombies and then God took chance with humans and they destroyed everything and then came ice age,every thing around froze, humans died so did dinosaurs and so did politicians but Wombies survived cos chocolates are heart warming.
and also cos before ice age God had made another beautiful chocolate planet for wombies..a chocolate planet within earth to keep them safe from global warming and the mean humans
and that is where they live now.
Wombies have a site where you can go and meet them.
All of us have a little wombie inside us and before you think about knocking on their door, Ask yourself the very important question, are you a wombie enough.
Let me make it very clear you do not choose wombies,they choose you and you get a calling only then you find them..
That you are reading this post means good times are ahead.
Before you visit them let me test your wombie quotient cos you wouldn’t want to go there and make silly comments and have an immensely awkward moment and rest of your life be known as the one who did not have wombat etiquette’s.
Q1) When do you eat chocolate
A) I don’t,weight watcher/calorie counter or whatever the term is
B) special events like birthdays
C) What kind of question is this, there can’t be a fixed time …you eat chocolates whenever you can
Q2) What should you do when you meet a Wombie
A) why will i meet them
B) well say hello
C) Offer them huge baskets of chocolates and wine gums
Q3) What is your favourite day of week
A) weekends when i relax
B) Fridays,when i party hard
C) Any day i meet a wombie is my favourite day
Q4) what is your favourite song
A) abc( your favourite song here)
B) O mama- Renegade Styx
C) I am a wombie friend in the wombie world, i love chocolates and wine gums
Q5) Who are Andro,Deb,Cat and Red?
A ) I dunno …people!
B) bloggers!
C) Great humans with wombat genes
Q6) What is your blood group
A) A,B,AB or O
B) I forgot,should get it tested again
C) It’s C+( chocolate plus)
Those who are C, super squishy hugs to them , kindly proceed to wombat sphere and make sure to leave fun comments
Click the link to go there right now or the wombie image on the side bar.
have a great super-duper marshmallow wine gum chocolate fun week guys
Lets join the Wombies and make world a better place  🙂
Are you a Wombie Fan?
What is your WQ-Wombat quotient
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