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Just a woman…..

I am hot and cool a beautiful bird
that one is dull a shabby  little nerd
lets break them up, lets make them cry
too smart for my liking,lets wring them dry
the smirks and taunts
like ghosts they haunt
oh the girls, oh the boys
their innocent souls
hatred in blood
what have we done
cuss on my lips,rage in my eyes
heart so bitter,how cool despise
an open market, lets get some gun
bang bang bang bang for venge or fun
he is black she is brown
when colour is noun
oh the girls oh the boys
their Innocent souls
prejudiced minds
what have we done
Stalk, abuse or rape
fear in the nape
body wants, body gets
lust drives,money lets
My wants  my passion
fast life in fashion
oh the girls oh the boys
their innocent souls
greed in the genes
what have we done
For years I  have been reading violence of all sorts in newspaper’s but in past few years violence against kids and by kids have reached an alarming high rate..Its a scary world out there and we need to do something about it…..
You know what…This world needs more kick ass souls,people who are still human, to join hands and work together.
Those who understand you don’t need to love or like a person to help them out help others because you are there and you can.
And because you do not like someone doesn’t give you a right to ridicule them or belittle them.what you do not understand is not necessarily wrong,what you do not follow doesn’t make it small or irrelevant
we have been passing on and giving out negative vibes to our kids,that has to change.
Not only we need to re-shape our selves but also the life we have been providing to our kids.
we need to bring back phantoms,mandrake,tin tins,hardy boys in our kids life, teach our kids friendship,tolerance,and compassion.
we have to make our kids good citizen..not just for you and me but for this whole world.
But along with that we need to teach them self-defense and also how to stand up for each other when time calls
buy boxing kits or whatever you think is appropriate and enroll them in self-defense classes.
there is so much to do and together we can bring the change in this ruthless love starved world
I always participate in any and every campaign that promotes peace,education and awareness and am constantly looking out for new ways to educate our kids……and so when I chanced upon this book/campaign Leah has started, I decided to join it.
What I love about this book is it’s not just another preach the whole world book…It focuses on  how to be a better more confidant woman. how to be that woman who not only stands for herself but also for her peers.
This book-I AM MORE THAN JUST A GIRL is more like an activity book which I would love to buy for my daughter and gift it to teenagers. It’s about training your thoughts,understanding your soul,your body,protecting it…when i was scrolling through the slide share presentaion i remembered the quote -Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Why not read what the author has to say  about it. 🙂


This is not a self-help book. This is a guide that can be used for a young woman’s entire life. Topics include self-defense, domestic violence and bullying, sexual assault, career and education, acceptance of others, stress management, self-expression and beauty and body image. Readers are encouraged to try several creative exercises such as journaling, meditation, and self-expression to bring these important issues into their daily lives.


To know more about this book click the following link 


or just scroll through the slide share presentation,Trust me you will not be dissapointed..there are some activities which every mother/teacher needs to educate their daughters/sons/students about.

I Am More Than Just A Girl; Empowered. Informed. Equal

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Leah can also be contacted on her site-IMPOWER YOU
Lets begin by supporting each other and every one who is doing their bit 🙂
“Stand up and fight until you hear the bell,
Stand toe to toe, trade blow for blow
 Keep punching til you hear that final bell,
Show them folks what you know.
Until you hear that bell, the final bell,
Stand up and fight like hell!”
( remember to fight for yourself ,your home,your country,your world….fight doesnt mean war,it means standing up against injustice and cruelty ,standing up and not let a bully ruin even a single life.standing up for each other and be a human )
Wish you all an inspired and blessed weekend 🙂
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