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Hugs,Smile and Chance- a fairy tale

I used to teach in a school, it was a kind of arrangement that worked out well for both my daughter and the school. They were taking good care of my daughter ( those days it was near to impossible to get an autistic kid in a normal school set up..still is but we are working on that) and I in turn used to help them out . During the short teaching career I taught science, geography, drama and dance. But my main job was to help out kids with learning disabilities( dyslexic,autistic,and other kids with learning difficulties)
following are just a few incidents from those days ……
“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”   
  ―   G.K. Chesterton
life is a dance i said
every one dances
even the ones with two left feet?
asked a kid
cos I can’t dance
oh they are brilliant you see i said
for anyone can dance but to dance like you
now that is hard
the kid looked at me and then laughed and said
OK i will teach you mine and you teach me yours
so we danced to every music on the CD that day
he learned to dance pretty soon
and me oh i am still learning
its hard to unlearn you see 🙂
life is a song
every one sings i said
even the ones who don’t follow the beat?
asked the kid
cos i cant sing like others
oh anyone can sing like them i said
but to be you its hard will you please teach me
and we sang every thing we could that day
and the kid is now a lead singer in one of the bands
and me well it really hard to be that different you see 🙂
life is a drama i said
every one acts
even the one who freeze?
the kid asked i do well in rehearsals but
out in front of people i cant say a thing
oh its easy to say some lines i said
but to know what you can’t and ask for help is brave
let’s do one thing
start with helping others say their lines
and you stand out in open
and then slowly one day we will get you into the play
and the kid today is  doing pretty well in plays and debates
and me oh well i cant freeze i just have too much to say all the time you see 🙂
ever wondered how a little encouragement
and warm smile makes such huge impact on a kids life
well try it
don’t force anything on anyone
just a friendly push is all that they need
some will start early
some will be late bloomers
some will do it in no time at all
and some will take months
but they all have something
all they need is patience, hugs, smile and chance
we can give them all that
can’t we 🙂

About Soma Mukherjee

I often say things that put me in a jam, Jams go well with Buttered Toasts, Toasts are great hosts, Ghosts not so much, Although they can dance, Not all dancers are serial killers, Serial killers do not use Body bags that often, body bags aren't leak proof, Proof is in the Pudding.

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  1. Blood-Ink-Diary

    And, I love the painting on your header! it’s captivating piece!

    • I loved it too …was looking for masks when i found this one..was amazed at the artistry
      first wall is painted with lime water and then water colour on lime surface The background (lime sand mortar) sucks the pigments of the paint as was one unit. You have to work very quickly.

  2. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Somi, one of your best ones! Needless to say, you are a beautiful soul who touches many lives, mine for sure! Bonita is my niece!! Keep penning – yours is the ink that stays on. Proud of all that you do!

  3. Indeed we can! A magical tale indeed! 🙂

  4. wszyscy ludzie uśmiechająsię w tym samym języku.

    “Według mnie,
    umiejętność usmiechania jest z jedną z najpiękniejszych cech ludzkich.
    Jest to coś,czego nie potrafi zadne zwierzę.
    Ani pies ,ani wieloryb,ani delfin–
    wszystkie te wysoce inteligentne istoty,na wiele sposobów przpominające człowieka
    nie potrafią usmiechać się jak my.”DALAJLAMA

    Posyłam najpiękniejszy uśmiech z mojego serca twojej córce;-)

  5. This is a very nice posting Soma
    and one that has a lovely zest to
    it, I do hope that you are enjoying
    a very nice week and that you are
    planning an adventurous weekend
    with a thrillingly sweet edge to it 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. I love it Soma

  7. Oh how I wish it were you that was my teacher growing up…That’s okay, I learn from you now. You are one awesome lady, Soma! The kids are bless with your gentle nature, to help the learn day by day.
    I love all those poems on dance, song, and drama…And there true!
    Have a most wonderful day, my precious friend!
    Hugs, Deb xx

    • Deb you are such a wonderful soul..who ever taught you did a read good job….you work is so inspiring every time i see a painting and words start flowing…
      thanks for a beauttiful heart warming comment 🙂

  8. My oh my! You’re a wonderful mom, a sensitive teacher-helper, a great kid at heart… warm and unputdownably caring 🙂
    I so so so so so so so… loved this! Yes, it is so difficult to unlearn, so difficult to sing offkey if you do something well… and yes, all the kids need is encouragement! 🙂 Thank you, Soma!
    The quote by GK Chesterton is so in place 🙂

  9. Such lucky kids to have you as a teacher. Beautiful telling of such important yet ignored poor souls Soma. Thank you for sharing and thank you for caring.

    “All the World needs is a more thank yous and more hugs” — Happythankyoumoreplease

  10. Glad I found your blog! Great post!

  11. Your posts are always so beautiful, Soma. Your writing is generosity itself. Thank you for this gentle smile today 🙂


  12. I love the quote,the poem and everything, just superb. i can vouch for your inspiration and encouragement. You are very patient while teaching.

  13. Most excellent poem today. It teachs an invaluable lesson that too few recognize. Thanks!

  14. The quote about the dragons is great and the post is absolutely delightful…your daughter is blessed having you as a mother. Learning stuff from you is a joy.

  15. Aww Soma you have such a beautiful spirit and your heart shines through each time you write. I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing xox

  16. I also love the quote of course, too! 🙂 You sure got it right the twinnies believe in fairytales and magic! I wish everyone did, don’t you? Soma, you must have been so amazing with the kids and worked your special magic. I so admire all you do and how you are the best Mom ever for Bonita to have asked for. It was so touching, beautiful and amazing to read your words. 🙂 All kids do need are hugs, smiles and encouragement and they just bloom. Wonderful post, Hugs!

    • Gabby what a sweet thing to say..cant tell you how much you have touched my heart with this comment..I try really do try to do the best for Bonita and all other kids….
      One of the best thing of blogging has been meeting soul sisters
      love you guys 🙂

  17. awakeningpsyche

    how wonderfully you show each experience of your life…..Inspiring words….and like children of heaven, they should be given a chance to live just freely…to let them do what they love… much we can learn from those kids…
    beautiful post, Soma….:)

    • Thanks a ton AP you are real sweet :0
      oh i love kids the naughtier the better….every kid has so much potential if only we teachers and parents give them chance 🙂
      A rose can say “I love you”,
      orchids can enthrall,
      but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
      yes, that says it all…..

  18. Thanks Autumn you are a sweet heart ….I absolutely love that quote and knew Twinies believe in fairy tales and their magic just like me …..

  19. I love that quote 🙂 Dragons can be beaten! Your writing is just so awesome, very well written as always and such a great and inspiring message 🙂


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